USD 백팩(Backpack) 2010 Test Review / 사용기 & 인터뷰

Right now the selection of backpacks from rollerblading brands is huge. I have been using Ground Control Phantom (the first version) for about six years, and since it's almost 'dead' I needed to get a new backpack which will hold the same.

For some time I was getting familiar with the offer of different brands - I needed not big backpack for everyday use – for skating and for work – that's why I skipped Vicious products – backpack for rollerblader without skate-holder system is stroked out at the beginning. The Jug products although full of details and cool solutions is quite big, it would be perfect for longer summer trip, but I wanted something smaller for my daily routine. Since I have had Ground Control backpack earlier I decided to try USD 2010 Backpack.

First what comes to my mind after using it for about 2 months is a great skate- holder system. The skates are mounted on the sides with two straps – side mount system is much better than that in the front one. Why - you ask? Well it's simple – it's the only way that skates will not take any unnecessary space of the backpack's interior. In GC Phantom backpack when you mounted your skates on the front, automatically one of the main compartment was so squeezed that it couldn't be used. In addition the cuffs can be hidden in the side, zipped pockets – it's extremely useful. Skates are held tight while you still have plenty of room inside of the main compartment.

USD 2010 has one main compartment with safe laptop holder, and mesh zipped pockets for stuff you use most frequently. At first I was afraid that only one main compartment isn't enough but after a while I realized that lot of inner pockets which are common for any other backpack actually fill the free space instead of organizing it better. The compartment easily holds standard set – camera, camcorder, laptop, skates, pants and some accessories, whats more even with such burden it still was comfortable enough to wear (thanks to solid braces and ergonomic padding on the back – lack of it was main issue of my old GC backpack).

Outside we can find some common side pockets for drinks, upper CD player case (with headphones outlet) and rather big organizer with card holders, buckle for keys etc.

In the end the new USD Backpack is huge improvement from its previous 2008-2009 version. Several proven solutions and few new additions (great skate holder!) and perfect size make it one of the most decent choices among rollerblading backpacks for everyday use. Packing for bigger trip can be painful but as I mentioned before, it's not a bag for such use.

작은 크기의 가방을 원해서 저걸 선택했고 // 가방이 작은 듯? -.-a

스케이트가 저런 식으로 장착되서 좋다고... // 근데, 커프가 등을 누르지 않을랑가? 땀에 쩔은 라이너가 통풍 안 되는 가방 안에서 썩을 지도... -,-;;;

USD Skatebag 2009

The new USD Skatebag has skate compartment on rear, reinforced back, Dvd and parts holder and is of a perfect size ! For a bag where you can keep your Skates latched into the outside, leaving the inner compartment for camera, clothes, magazines, USD Shin guards or whatever you wish, with enough pocket to keep all your spare parts. This is nothing but the perfect bag for Skating!

스케이트는 밖으로 나오게 해서 달 수도 있었구만~ :)


  • faaeee 2010/02/02 21:30 #

    헐? 저거슨 언제적 세넷 월넷인가요 ㅋ
  • faaeee 2010/02/02 21:30 #

    보행자를 위해 휠은 항상 안쪽으로 장착이 되어야 할터!! .........

    아 생각해보니 이너의 냄세또한 보행자를 위협할수있겠군요 ㅋ
  • 코코마 2010/02/02 21:43 #

    쟤네들은 자가용 몰고 다녀서 괜춘할 듯 -.-a
  • faaeee 2010/02/02 22:32 #


    이너를 가방속에 집여 넣어야 차안에서도 깔끔한 향기를 유지할수 있는거로군요 ㅋ
  • 코코마 2010/03/11 19:31 #

    사진 추가염~
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