PARTY - Slams Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

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I am bored and I can not study anymore. So I decided to upload another useless bonus part of PARTY. This time, the slam section. Some bad and some funny ones. Sorry for the bad picture quality, lost the real hd version and had some trouble converting this one.

Filmed in Munich, Berlin, Ruhrpott, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Mannheim, Regensburg, Budapest and Barcelona. Shot with canon XH-A1, sometimes with the Redrock Micro and Canon FD lenses. No Colour correction, no music. Pure pain.

Amusing additional info: Mathias is one of the last real stunt skaters in germany. His body has no scars, his scars got a body.


Art Collective

마지막에 ㄲㅁㅇ들... ㅋ;;;;;


  • faaeee 2010/02/07 21:03 #

    이거 계속 자빠링하는거 나오는거에요 ?? 그래서 슬램 ?? 이거 뭐 1분동안 계속 자빠링해서 업로딩때문에 속도도 안나오고 pass
  • 코코마 2010/02/08 11:49 #

    응. 자빠링 섹션이다. ㅎ
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