렘즈(Remz) 0801 Skate // 08원(One), AM, AMall Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

Meet the newest freedom-of-feet weapon for the holidays: the new Remz 08one-team featuring a powerful mix of dark grey and black to stand out in the white season. Backed by an untouchable team including Franky Morales and Chris Haffey (RFCC Skater of the Year), and featuring unique details and innovations that only Remz knows how to put together. The unique customizable ankle support, tight fitting original neoprene liner, and Remz' distinctive leather constructions the 08one is sure to be a winner once again. The 08one-team also comes with the new one piece soul system, Dual Injection frames from ground control with super strong 8mm axles, 42 anti-rocker and remz 57mm team wheels... match your style!

  • Each skate weighs 4.1 pounds on average

  • Gray/Black skin

  • Gray Toe Cap

  • Remz soul frame

  • Classic Remz skate concept

  • GC Dual Injection Frames. (Hi-Lo compatible)

  • 8 mm axle bolts

  • 42 mm anti-rocker wheels

  • Remz 57mm/88A wheels

  • Sizes: US 6-13