윈터클래쉬(WINTERCLASH) 2010 영상 모음 Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

An edit from one of the biggest rollerblading events - Winterclash, year - 2010
Filming: Mārtiņš Jasons, Reinis Pētersons
Editing: Reinis Pētersons

Rampworx at Winterclash 2010

We ventured over to Berlin, Germany to see the worlds biggest rollerblading event, Winterclash!

Despite the -10c weather and snow, thousands of people showed up to the Berlin Arena to see the worlds best skaters battle it out for 1st place.

Filmed, Edited & Directed by Simon Mulvaney

A Be-Mag view on the PRO finals at Winterclash 2010

Filmed/Edited:Kai Schmitz

ONE @ Winterclash 2010

Winterclash 2010 through the eyes of ONE! Travel with JE and his Canon 960is Pocket Rocket from San Diego to Berlin for a look at the journey, the people, the city of Berlin, and the event itself.

A Grindhouse View on "Winterclash 2010"

this is a quick overnight winterclash 2010 edit to bring you some "eyecandy" as fast as possible. hope you like it.

filming: Daniel Prell, Max Obermaier & the Miller

congratulations to our teamrider julien cudot - 1st place pro.

이건 너무 밍밍한 듯. -.-;

Valo at the Winterclash 2010 Re-Upload: Back Online

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대회에 발로 팀 밖에 없었던 것처럼 보이는 환상적인 편집! ㅋㅋ


Filmed and Edited by Brazilionaire

Razors | Winterclash 2010 Pro Contest



1º Julien Cudot
2º Roman Abrate
3º Boonnim Worapoj


1º Stephan de Freitas
2º Diego Guilloud
3º Diego Luppi


1º Jenna Downing
2º Fallon Hefferman
3º Mathilde Monneron

Erik Bailey
Fallon Heffernan
Chaz Sands
Stephan De Freitas
Brian Aragon
Dominik Wagner
Julien Cudot
Sven Boekhorst
Roman Abrate
Jeff Stockwell
Alex Broskow
Fabio Enes
Boonim Worapoj
Romain Godenaire

[2:16] 헬멧의 필요성 확인. ㄷㄷㄷ

대회 영상을 더 원하시면 아래 사이트를 방문해 보세용~ ^^

사진은 아래에...

Fallon Heffernan, Fish

Nils Jansons, rocket

Erik Bailey, 720°

Alex Broskow, BS Torque

Erik Bailey, True Kindgrind

© Dennis Liesmann


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