크리스 하피(Chris Haffey) Signature 2.0 // 렘즈(Remz) Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

Chris introducing his new Signature skate, the ChrisHaffey2.0 by Remz.

Filmed with Connor O'Brien & Brandon Negrette
Chopped by Chris Haffey

하피 형님 강림!!!

March 3, 2010 //

After 3 years of testing and developement Remz presents its latest masterpiece, the brand New ChrisHaffey Signature 2.0.
The skate was entirely rethought by Chris Haffey who personally put a multitude of samples through the test to meet his high expectations.

Style-wise Chris takes it back to the days when he began riding Remz. The skate features the classic color scheme reminiscent of the first Remedy, a fresh low cut skin, a redesigned rear lacing system, and strong hockey laces giving the skate a distinctive and athletic look. "When you're rocking these they look like mid-top shoes, looks super sick!" says Chris.
Technically speaking the Haffey2.0 introduces Remz' new concept of High Resilience (HR) skin giving optimum control & foot support, as well as a redesigned Remz liner offering an even more precise & accurate all around fit with a new ergonomic insole & a softer shock absorber. "It sucks your foot in there and keeps it right where it needs to be so you're in complete control at all times".
The ChrisHaffey 2.0 features Chris' own V-cut + strap setup, with the optional buckle included in the box, GC FTL2 frames and new Chris Haffey 4x4 wheels.

As a reflection of Chris, The Remz Chris Haffey Signature skate blends superior technique and progressive style. Freedom-of-feet approved.

나머지 사진은 아래에...


  • 코코마 2010/03/04 02:51 #

    롤러뉴스 댓글 중에

    Not to mention there is now a plastic under the skin that goes over your foot, so when you tighten the laces you feel it pressing the plastic down on your foot keeping it in place. which to me always seemed like an issue with the current models (not so much the OS’s). my foot was always sliding around a bit.

    스킨에 플라스틱이 들어있다는 말이 있는데... 정말인가? -.-a

    그건 그렇고 글쓴이가 렘즈 신고 발이 헐렁한 거는 라이너 교체 or 뽕스텀을 해야되는데... ㅎ;;; 끈으로는 해결이 어려울텐데...
  • faaeee 2010/03/04 23:25 #

    하피 스킨중에 누런? 부분에 프래스틱이 덧데여져 있는것일까요?? ㄷㄷㄷ
  • 코코마 2010/03/05 02:01 #

    끈을 조이면 플라스틱이 누르는 게 느껴진다는 걸로 봐서는

    발로 뉴 스킨처럼 끈 구멍 근처에 플라스틱 조각을 넣은 듯???

    사진 상으로는... 아닌 것 같은데... 흐음... 잘 모르겠다. -.-a
  • ㅆㅃㅃ 2010/03/05 18:18 #

    전 04하피화렘 신을때 끈으로 조이면 괜춘하던데..
    렘즈는 스킨이 완전 소프트라 끈 꽉조이면 발 딱 잡아주더라구요..
    구형 데쉬들 처럼...

    하지만 끈 헐렁하게 메면 쉘속에서 발이 막돌아감..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    이너를 레인으로 바꾸고 나선 끈 살짝매도 안돌아갔고요..ㅋ
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