SKATER OF THE YEAR: Top 10 **Voting Now** // 원 매거진(ONE Magazine) Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

All right, it starts now (and ends 4/18). After waiting until after the WRS Finals, recognizing it as the last event of 2009, we gave you all the whole month of January to pick these Top 10 Finalists, and pick you did. Nomination votes already outnumber last year’s total finalists vote count, so that tells us you guys appreciate having the chance to decide what skater best represents rollerblading — as you see it. Look at is as a “desert island disk” list, or a “who’s the best,” or who you think makes skating look the best, or all or none of the above. That’s the beauty — it’s totally up to you. Now take a few moments to consider the candidates then cast your vote. Once you’ve submitted your survey, you’ve helped make history, again. On behalf of these Top 10 Finalists, we thank you for your participation. — ONE

Montre Livingston

Chris Farmer

CJ Wellsmore // 좋은 추억이다!!

Brian Aragon

Alex Broskow // Alexander Chase Broskow 가 풀 네임이었쿠나!! ㅋㅋ

Chris Haffey // Christopher Michael Haffey ... 크리스토퍼 마이클 하피 -_-;;

Iain Mcleod

Brandon Smith

John Bolino

Billy O'Neill

위 사이트에 방문해서 즐거운 한표를 행사해 보아욤~ ^^


  • faaeee 2010/03/26 00:08 #

    왠지 뭔가 힘들어보였던 빌리오닐에게 한표!! ..

    발목부상 후 목발짚는 사진의 기억이 떠오르나요~ ..


    머다도 생각나지만 후보에도 없으니 안습 ㅠㅜ
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