발로(Valo) / Loco Skates Collaboration First Look Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

Posted by : razor_dave

회색 & 노랑 !?!?!? -o-a

im assuming it'll be pretty much the same skin design as the amall collabs, just with yellow and grey where the blue, red and white are on the cool snakes/mad mongooses?

Posted by : sequoia

기존 AM-발로 디자인에서 색깔 입혀진 부분만 노란색으로 바꾼 거 아니냐는 그럴 듯한 댓글욤!!

*** 2010.05.13. 내용 추가 ***

Bailes 540's the hip

ao fish around the bend

i emailed jake and he said they also come with yellow laces and GCs as we all know, and he reckons it will be another 6-8 weeks before they get them

Posted by : venin


  • 2010/04/04 02:44 # 비공개

    비공개 덧글입니다.
  • faaeee 2010/04/05 12:46 #

    ㅋ 존슨 매의 눈들 ㄷㄷㄷ
  • Dk 2010/04/05 13:00 #

    오오...근데 보이는 부분 가죽은 로코로코께 더 좋은 듯 +_+ 나오면 이쁘겠네요.
  • 코코마 2010/05/13 09:43 #

    사진 추가염~
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