OG 레머디(REMEDY) // 렘즈(REMZ), 레머디즈(Remedyz) Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

Near mint pair of OUT Remedys in EU 44, UK 10, US 11, 29,7 cm. They are in great condition as seen in the pictures. Just a few tiny scratches on the surface. They have been skated only four times, three of wich at a skatepark. Notice how the wheels still have their original shape (the thin line in the middle is still shown on every wheel) and the frame/soulplates are untouched. They have not been grinded on except for a few soulgrinds (five of them, right foot) in a miniramp. Perfect condition, impossibly to find nowadays.

They run rather large. I am a EU 44 / 28,5 cm and I can feel there is some room around the heels and toes. They fit me okay, but I feel like they aren't broken in yet and will loosen up a bit when skated regularly. I think they actually are 29,5 - 29,7 cm as stated on the tag. Again, look at the pics to get an impression in what good of a shape they are.

They are the original skate, no modifications made whatsoever. The only flaw I've noticed is a ripped eyelet (cardboard technology) on one of the skates. I've fixed that so it functions again like it's supposed to.