Adam Killgore - K2 바시티(Varsity) Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

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Here is a 30 minute session at Pennslanding in Philadelphia PA with Adam Killgore. He is riding the new K2 Varsity skate which is available in skateshops worldwide now!

Order at and tell them i sent you for a discount on your K2 Varsity skates!

Thanks to Mike Powell at K2!
Thanks to everyone at CREATE ORIGINALS!

롤웨에서 K2 살 때, 자기 이름만 대면 할인을 받을 것이라고!

오옷! 레알 형님 포스!!

그리고, 바시티에 대한 간단 평.

"they are very similar to style points... the only difference is they dont have a stuff tongue... "