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Available April 24th. Come by our booth at the Noiya Jam on Sat 24th at The House skatepark, Sheffield for your first chance to pick up a hard copy for £15.

The first rollerblading DVD to come out of the UK filmed entirely on HD cameras. Featuring Sections on:

Adrian Wallace, Michael Tew, James Keyte, California, Scotland + Bonus of SDSF open, AIL at Woodward finals, Quinn Feldmann and Beast Wheels edits + loads of other random edits including some from Conference TV

Adrian Wallace
Michael Tew
James Keyte

Victor Arias
Russell Day
Casey Bagozzi
Nick Wood
Steve Steinmetz
Jon Morciglio
Black Mike
Ivan Narez
Brandon Smith
Winston Wardwell

Scott Quinn
Stuart Robertson
Scott Riddles
Kier Lindsey
Graeme Forbes
Mathew Stuart
Lewis Bowden

Geoff Davies
Stuart Kinghorn