INmag Test - 샤도(Xsjado) Stockwell - Przemek Górczyk // 제프 스탁웰(Jeff Stockwell) 3, GC F1 Review / 사용기 & 인터뷰

After rather long wait for new delivery of Xsjado skates, I got my hands on brand new Blue Xjsado Stockwells. First impressions? The color scheme makes them the best looking skates out there! Quickly I equipped them with GC Formula 1 frame and Undercover CJ Welsmore wheels (to which I wasn't convinced but I decide to give them a try).

First session at local park shattered my anxiety, and I`m almost 100% sure that I will stick with new Undercovers for good. The same with the frame – just few grinds are enough to fully understand why they are called Formula 1 – the speed on tricks with this frame is absolutely no-match. However you will have to get used to it first – due to its freestyle nature and a bit smaller grind area the frame tend to slip from top side tricks, but it`s nothing to worry about, few sessions and you'll get over it.

Next thing to mention is the new generation footwrap. For the first time it has the high top – I'm using it for skating as well as everyday shoe and visually it looks mad good. The high top really helps to keep your ankle in a right place, giving you more support. I like to tight my skates to the maximum, which gives me the total control over the skate – with higher footwraps the control is even better! Although there is one problem that annoyed me a little bit – I don`t know if it`s caused by the bigger footwrap or not but now it can`t be moved back totally. When I`m putting the skate on, I try to place my heel maximum to the back so my toes won`t stick out, yet after few mninutes it moves forward again making me angry. So I think it should be a little less bulky to fit the skeleton just as previous ones.

Check the photos and a short edit made during the first days of testing the skates!

Przemek Górczyk Xsjado Jeff Stockwell 2010 edit

My name is Przemek Górczyk, I'm from Poland(Wrocław). I'm 17 and I've been skating for 6 years. I have support from Hedoskate and Prime. Check out my new Xsjado edit ! i hope you like it :)

하이탑 풋랩이 쉘의 뒤쪽에 꽉 끼어있지 않고 점점 앞으로 밀려나온다고... ㄷㄷㄷ

파머1 풋랩 뒤꿈치 부분이 옆으로 헐떡거리기만 해도 짜증나던데

 ㄴ 2010.05.21 내용 추가 - 생각해 보니... 데미안 윌슨 풋랩은 파머1보다 더 심했던 것 같네요. ㄷㄷㄷ

풋랩이 아예 앞으로 밀려나오면 찢어버리고 싶을 듯. -_-?


  • faaeee 2010/05/19 23:08 #

    저 거대한 H 블럭에서 거대란 마찰이 느껴집니다 ㅎㅎ
  • faaeee 2010/05/19 23:08 #

  • faaeee 2010/05/19 23:09 #

    제프도 풋랩만큼은 파머 풋랩으로 타고 있지연 .. 더스틴 시절 샤도 풋랩이 진리인덧 ㅋ
  • 코코마 2010/05/20 00:54 #

    아니 왜!!!

    자기 프로모델을 안 타는 겨~ -o-?



    구려서!? ㅋㅋ
  • faaeee 2010/05/20 03:06 #

    구려서 ㅋ

    구려 ㅋ
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