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Nimh Shima V.2 NS (Red Souls) Pro Complete Skates

This limited edition Nimh v.2 Shima skate comes with their new red soul plate for an awesome red and black color scheme.  The NS Nimh v.2 features a newly designed soul system that gives you some grooves to start with instead of Nimh's original "grooveless" soul plates.  These new Nimh soul plates make it easier for skaters of all skill levels to enjoy Nimh skates.

The Nimh Brian Shima V.2 NS pro skate is a complete aggressive skate that is ready to roll right out of the box.  With  aftermarket GC Formula 1 Flat frames, 58mm 90a Nimh wheels, ABEC 5 bearings and 42mm GC Nylon anti-rockers you get a professional set up that you have been looking for.

The Shima NS comes stock with an aftermarket Vicious liner made with a soft teri cloth lining around the ankle area and a Velcro strap for tightening.  The skate is completed with an awesome black and red color scheme and a stylishly designed outer soft shell that really gives it an original look.

The Nimh is designed with an unconstrained toe system that excludes the excess materials found in the shells in the toe area of the skate. This allows for more breathing room and eliminates toe pain while skating.

NIMH is 100% skater owned and operated. This company was created by skaters for skaters and will be run accordingly. It's time you choose your side!

  • Nimh Brian Shima V.2 NS Pro Complete Skate

  • Weight of single skate: 4 lbs. 6 oz. (Based on a size 9)

  • New pre-grooved Nimh Soul System

  • Frames: G.C. Formula 1 Flat Black/Black

  • Outer Wheels: Nimh 58mm 90a Outer Wheels w/ ABEC 5 Bearings

  • Inner Wheels: G.C. 42mm Nylon Anti-rockers Black

  • Liners: Vicious high liners w/ new teri cloth padding and Velcro strap

  • Widened toe for toe relief in ALL sizes

  • Metal buckle

  • Made in China

Nimh Shima V.2 NS (Red Souls) Pro Boot Only


  • faaeee 2010/06/11 01:21 #

    으아니! 대체 저 혀는 어떻게 하면 저렇게 높게 뽑아지는거죠 ??? 읭 ???
  • 코코마 2010/06/11 12:14 #

    팔뚝 힘이 가장 센 알바에게 세팅을 맡깁니다. ㄳ
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