데미언 윌슨(Damien Wilson) Psyko Clothing // 샤도(Xsjado) Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

Damiens super sonic skate all over San Diego everywhere sometimes section. and he can even flip over cars so What about it. Filmed and Edited by The Woodster

*** 2011년 2월 9일 내용 추가 ***


NEW Revolution Team Rider Damien Wilson featured in a NEW PSYKO CLOTHING AD
Damien is sponsored by PSYKO Clothing. Psyko owner Josh Diaz is also a photographer, and shot a nice photo of Damien doing a handflip on a vert wall from their trip to Puerto Rico.
PSYKO also just featured a new Damien Skinny Jeans Edit entitled - "Tougher than Sh*t".
Damien puts the Psyko Jeans to the test, stretching them between his truck and Nick Wood's Truck in a tug-o-war. The Jeans are tough! Check it out!



  • faaeee 2010/06/21 09:39 #

    헐 감격의 샤도 뽐뿌 본격 영상입니까! ..

    윌슨이 이렇게나 깔끔한 스타일이었나요 뭔가 실험적이고 거칠었는데욥? ㅋ 오해?

    이영상 역시 캐멋짐
  • 코코마 2010/06/22 01:47 #

    이 영상은 자기 프로모델 막 나왔을 때 쯤 찍었다가 이제 개봉한 듯? -.-a

    윌슨의 실험적인 스타일은 아래 영상 참고욤~ ㅋ

    BGM 부터가 캐실험적임. 학학...

    EscoZoo - Street Fame

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