GC 페더라이트(Featherlite) 2 프리스타일(FREESTYLE) 프레임(Frame) BLACK, WHITE // FLT FS, AM, AMall, RW, IW Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

GC Featherlite 2 FREESTYLE Frame BLACK

For all of you Freestyle frame fans, GC took their extremely popular Featherlite 2 frame and worked with its riders to develop a freestyle version of the frame.

This ultra light freestyle setup will give you  unmatched sliding abilities on any obstacles that you want to attack on your skates.  These GC frames also feature their locking sickle axle so that you only need 1 allen wrench to tighten or loosen your axle bolts.

Overall the Ground Control Featherlite 2 freestyle frame is extremely durable, stiff, light weight and provides maximum strength. The FLT frame also incorporates GC's signature symmetrical design, a perfect center groove and a low profile.

  • Featherlite 2 FREESTYLE Design

    Color: Black

    Technical Specs:

        - All 8 mm axles
        - Metal rockers
        - Fits 58 mm wheels on outside
        - Average weight: 7 oz. (includes hardware)

    Size 1 = 6-7 (length = 11 in.)

    Size 2 = 8-11 (length = 11 3/8 in.)

    Size 3 = 12-15  (length = 11 7/8 in.)

  • Frames sold in pairs(2). All necessary hardware included.

GC Featherlite 2 FREESTYLE Frame WHITE


Based on GC popular Formular 1 frame Ground Control developed a solid 1-piece version of the freestyle frame. It comes with sickle shaped axle bolt heads which increase the material thickness in the crucial area below the axle holes and allow convenient one hand operation. The FLT Freestyle frame is unmatched in stiffness, strength and durability. .

- Extremely light weight
- Sturdy and durable
- Beveled edges
- sichel axel bolts
- 3 sizes

Sizes: Size 1: boot size 6-7 Size 2: boot size 8-12 Size 3: boot size 13-14

Colors: Black, White

GC FLT Freestyle Frames

David gives you a closer look at the new Ground Control Featherlite Freestyle Frames.

Dazed and Review #6


  • faaeee 2010/06/23 00:58 #

    프리스타일 디자인의 완성판 !! 무려 휠을 탈거 하지 않고 프래임을 장착할수 잇다니!! 그것도 프리스타일 주제에!!!우왕굳!!!

    이거 max 휠 사이즈는 60 ?
  • 코코마 2010/06/23 02:13 #

    오! 그렇쿠만!!! :)

    max 휠 사이즈는 58mm 라고 써있다~
  • 코코마 2010/11/19 13:21 #

    FLT FS 프레임 사진 추가염~

    프레임 고정 나사 부분이 바뀐 건지... 프로토타입의 사진이 들어간 건지... -.-a
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