디나이얼(Denial) 휠(Wheel) 간단 사용기 Review / 사용기 & 인터뷰

Because I love their wheels. I have the Wodja wheels and have abused the shit out of them for the past month and they havent even worn down 1mm. I've bladed at least 20miles on them and have had no problems. They grip like crazy and are still hard as a rock. The same was true for the Schmidts I had previously. I just got a set of the Bolinos on saturday, cant wait to skate them.

Posted by : KlebanIronCross

Wojda 휠이나 Schmidt 휠이 잘 안 닳아지고 접지력도 좋다고.


  • 2010/08/18 17:09 # 비공개

    비공개 덧글입니다.
  • 코코마 2010/08/20 00:04 #

    이런 평가도... -_-;;;

    DENIAL wheels sux balls so dont get them !
  • faaeee 2010/08/20 02:00 #

    아악 ㅠ 무려 지금 제 창고에 59MM 디나얼 휠이 2set 나 있다 말입나!!! ㅠㅠㅠ
  • 코코마 2010/08/20 15:08 #

    쓰지도 않을 거면서 자꾸 사지 말란 말이다!! :P
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