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Tired of the skate/school combo backpacks that don't always function that well for holding your skates?  Well 5050 decided to design a backpack that is specifically designed to hold your skates and all of your extra parts.

This backpack is perfect for those of you who can't seem to keep your skate stuff organized and are always leaving your wax, allen wrenches, extra parts and more at home.  The 5050 backpack can hold 1 to 2 pairs of skates, extra frames, extra wheels, extra bolts, other extra parts and 1 laptop.

...2 pairs of skates you might be asking?  The backpack is equipped with an external skate holding system to carry 1 skate on each side but depending on how much other gear your carrying, it is possible to fit a pair of skates inside the large zippered compartment.  If your like some of us, you might want to keep your stinky skates zippered away, especially when carrying them in an open SUV or hatchback car.

The backpack is finished off with a padded back and full adjustable straps to make sure you are properly displacing the weight when in transit.

Lastly, you can use this pack for school if would like something that is a little different from the standard shaped backpacks.  "What was that?  Yes it's all ergonomics!"

  • 1 Large Compartment (Will fit some skates or plenty of other gear)
  • External Skate Holders on Sides
  • Padded Laptop Section
  • 2 Frame Compartments (For 2 Pairs of Frames or other parts)
  • 2 Wheel Compartments (Each can hold 2-3 sets of 4 wheels, or other parts)
  • Padded Back
  • Fully Adjustable Straps
  • Side Mesh Beverage Holder
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Overall Dimensions: W: 14.5″ x H 15.5″ x D 10″
  • Colors: Black or Olive

썩 고급스러워 보이진 않는 듯? -.-a