Last Man Standing 2010 // LMS Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

Joseph Perez @ Be-Mag Presents Last Man Standing 2010 PRO Competition

1st place Mark Wojda
2nd place Brian Aragon

이것은 IMYTA의 부활인가요!!!

Forever Rolling: Last Man Standing "The BIg PIcture"

Last Man Standing 2010
A peek into the controversial LMS 2010. Enjoy!
Skaters feat but not limited to:
Ramelle Knight, Joseph Stephens, Brian Aragon, Ralphy(PR), Jimmy Shuda, Julian Bah, Mark Wodja, Ray Genera, Franco Cammayo, Steve Cortes, Nick Uhas, Jose Henriquez, Hyper Mike, Jesus Medina, Evan Grimball, Carlos Montenegro, Trevor Johnson, and many many more!
Thank you for watching! Stay Tuned!

David Sizemore

Last Man Standing 2010 feat. Brian Aragon (Razors News)

Video by Brazilionaire.

Filmed by Cesar Macay

1st Place: Mark Wodja
2nd Place: Brian Aragon

Jimmy Shuda / Fishbrain / Photo by DeAngelis

David Sizemore / Makio / Photo by Amato

Franco Cammayo / Wheel Barrow / Photo by DeAngelis

Dave Lang / Top Mistrial / Photo by DeAngelis

Mark Wojda / Truespin Topside Soyale / Photo by Amato

Mark Wojda / 360 Top Soul / Photo by Imerio

Mark Wojda / Top Soul Gap Top Soul / Photo by Amato

Wojda wins. / Photo by Amato