Razors News: Santa Clarita Street Comp // A Chosen-Few Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

Filmed / Edited by Brazilionaire

1st Tyler Hester
2nd: Anthony Luna
3rd: Garret Whitney
4th: Ricky La Way
5th: Fabio Enes

Fabio가 5등!

Tyler는 제네시스를 버리고 클드론으로!

살찐-_- 브렌트 힉스도 요즘 자주 보이는구나!

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.

It was 105 degrees out in Santa Clarita on September 4th which is not ideal for skating but that really didn't matter because The Chosen Few Street Comp was going down and the heat was no match for the level of tricks that went down. All the skaters busted out, there were over 100 people in attendance, no busts, epic spots, great after party, It couldn't have went better. Well it would have been nice if it were only 85 but fuck it. This edit was made by a contributing filmer for Chosen Few named Steve Henry who does great work. Thanks man.
Thanks to all our sponsors who really threw down hard as well.

1st Tyler Hester
2nd Anthony Luna
3rd Garrett Whitney
4th Ricky Rodriguez
5th Fabio Enes
6th Anthony Williams
7th Daniel Rosado
8th Connor O'Brian
9th Max Jubin
10th Jeremy Soderburg

Fabio는 허리케인 탑솔 실패 후 경기를 포기한 듯. -.-;;;

2, 3위 한 친구들도 잘 탔는데, 한 방 트릭에서 밀린 듯? ㅎ

Chosen Few Street Comp Santa Clarita Official Edit #2

Everyone really did throw down hard so Chosen Few figured why not make 2 edits of the comp. One edit may not capture every trick. So we did two.

Anthony Willams / AO Porn 540 out

Anthony Williams / Rocket Fishbrain to Fakie

Connor O’Brien / AO Top Soul 450 out

Jeremy Soderburg / Abstract 540

Connor O’Brien / Zeropsin Rocket Fishrain

Jeremy Soderburg / Frontside Air to Fakie

Mike Dempsey / Backside Unity to Fakie

Rick Rodriguez / Truespin Soul to Top Soul 180 out

Tyler Hester / AO Porn to Switch Miszou to Fakie

Brent Hicks / Fishbrain to Fakie

Garret Whitney / Royale to Disaster Royale Transfer Attempt

Jeremy Soderburg / Backside Fastslide

Max Jubin / Soul Gap to Transfer Soul Attempt

Tyler Hester / AO Top Soul

Winston Wardwell / Sweatstance

Tyler Hester / Hurricane Top Acid

EVENTS: A Chosen-Few Santa Clarita