레이저(RAZORS) 컬트(Cult) 스트리트(Street) // 그라인드하우스(Grindhouse) Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

The all new Cult Street is the latest model of Razors’ most popular skate design. Based on successful pro models such as the Shima 2 & 3 the Street features a replaceable soul frame, a new re-designed liner with excellent heel support and fiberglass reinforced Nylon anti-rocker wheels. The backslide plate is replaceable and comes with a perfectly positioned groove for immediate out-of-the-box use. It protects the boot and like all other parts can be replaced when worn out.


  • Replaceable soul frame
  • Perfectly grooved backslide
  • Sturdy Razors frame
  • Comfortable liner with articulated ankle shape
  • ABEC 3 bearings
  • Razors 56mm/90A
  • 42 mm anti-rocker wheels with aluminum spacers

그래픽으로 현혹시키긔~ +_+


  • faaeee 2010/09/08 01:51 #

    으흐흫 .. USD 가 하면 RAZOR 가 하고 .. Razor 가 하면 USD 가 하고 뭐 라이벌도 아니구 서로 판매영향에 미치는 것도 미비한것 같구 ㅋ

    우리 대게 다들 usd 나 raozr 하나씩은 있잖아요?? usd 나 razor 없으면 어그레시브 아니자나여~ 그냥 바퀴달린 신발이지

    행보한 겁니다~~ ~
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