Adam Exeline * Fishbrain Stall * Everett, WA * Photo © 2010 Erik Allas // 원매거진(One Magazine) Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

Adam Exeline * Fishbrain Stall * Everett, WA * Photo © 2010 Erik Allas

PHOTO JOURNAL: Erik Allas #4

It’s after labor day. School is starting back up for the kids, and the weather is starting to cool down. I was looking through my photo stock that I’ve amassed over the late spring and summer. I’m a bit of a slacker and I’m finally able to sit down to do some post processing.

This photo was shot in the late spring. Adam lived a block away from my condo and moved in and out of Seattle several months out of the year. I was impressed by him when he placed highly in several local contests. I wanted to do more of a feature write-up with him, but he moved away shortly after this photo was taken. This is a product of a unfinished photo set. With more time, a great photo set was definitely possible.

Shot was taken on a Canon with 8mm Sigma fisheye. Anything smaller than F16 will give you the star effect on bright lighting, this particular shot was done at F22. Shooting into the sun is really tricky, I went with the smallest aperture. Vivitar 285HV and Canon 430EX to camera left, and another 285HV directly behind me and extended about the same level of the rider. All lighting was triggered at full power to properly expose Adam. — Erik Allas


  • faaeee 2010/10/06 21:18 #

    ..아 .. 정말 파크의 상징스러운 조형물이지만 .. 정말 왜 저딴 ... 이란 생각이 드는데요!
  • 코코마 2010/10/07 01:21 #

    B3 중에 스케이트 보드가 젤 많아서??? -o-a
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