Chosen Few San Diego Street Comp Official Edit Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

Chosen Few San Diego Street Comp Official Edit

The San Diego Street Comp went down Saturday the 2nd and it was one to remember. A Day filled wit crazy spots, crazy tricks, and all the mayhem that goes into having a street comp.

Remz @ ChosenFew San Diego Street Comp

Remz bringing the heat @ the ChosenFew street comp in San Diego on November 2nd with Sean Cowen, Tim Franken, Andrew Scherf, Anthony Luna, and Local SD boy Russell Day winning the comp on his first day skating the HR1.1s!
Bigup the organizers Quinn Feldman & "New Spot" Steve Steinmetz, everyone at the comp, the few who made it to the beach that night (B.Jaggers and B.Bell whatup!) & again Russell for taking first and earning his spot on the Remz Flow team!

Official Results:
1st Place – Russell Day (SDSF Skate Shop, Remz)
2nd Place – Andrew Diapolo
3rd Place – Jeff Hamm
4th Place – Anthony Luna (Intuition Skate Shop, Remz)
5th Place – Steve Bundy
Best Trick – Jeff Hamm – Hurricane top soul 2nd spot stair rail

러셀 데이 대박! :D


  • faaeee 2010/10/10 02:48 #

    으윽 ... 마지막 스팟이 빡세져서거 그런가요 ,.. 뭔가 기술의 스위치가 줄어들어버렸 ㄷㄷ
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