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RB Solo Estilo Cuffs w/ Straps

Rollerblade replacement cuffs and straps for your RB Solo Estilo aggressive skates. This set of cuffs, 1 left and 1 right, includes the velcro Solo power straps and cuff bolts.

Direct replacement for RB Solo Estilo skates, simply unbolt the cuff bolts, remove old cuffs and put these new ones on.

*If you want to use these on the RB Solo Era and Solo Tribe skates you will have to drill out the rivets that hold the old cuffs on.


  • For RB Solo Estilo skates
  • (The Solo Era and Solo Tribe require modification)
  • Set of 2 (1 left and 1 right)
  • Colors: Black, Red or Green
  • Cuff Bolts Included
  • Velcro Power Straps Included

스트랩 고정 너트가 저 정도면 쉘 돌기에 걸리지 않을 듯? -o-a

RB Solo Estilo/Tribe Buckles

Replacement buckles for the Rollerblade Solo Estilo and Solo Tribe skates. Includes straps, buckles, buckle guards and hardware.
*Not recommended for the Solo Era skate (Modification required)

  • For the RB Solo Estilo and Solo Tribe skates
  • Colors: Black/White, Black/Red or Black/Green
  • Includes buckles, straps, guards and hardware

솔로 에라에는 호환이 안 된다고...

으잉? 무슨 차이가 있는 거지? -o-a

RB Solo Soul Plates

For those of you putting real work in on your RB Solo model skates with hundreds of grinds daily, Rollerblade has the affordable replacement soul plates available for you.

These RB Solo soul plates feature both the outer soul plate and then inner soul plate for both of your skates.  They have even included a set of extra t-nuts and bolts for them just in case you have lost any on your skates now.

*Graphics may vary

  • Colors: Black, Red, Green or White

  • Fits Rollerblade SOLO model skates (Solo Era, Solo Tribe, Solo Estilo)

  • Includes both the outer and inner plates

  • Sold in a set for both left and right skates

  • Includes a set of mini t-nuts and bolts

  • Graphics may vary

RB의 색깔 놀이. ㅎ

*** 2010.10.21 내용 추가 ***


  • faaeee 2010/10/11 01:07 #

    하학 .. 미국식 색깔놀이 ㅋㅋ
  • faaeee 2010/10/11 01:08 #

    Not recommended for the Solo Era skate (Modification required)

    2010년 신형 에라모델은 발등이 스트랩이라서 그런거 아네요 ??..

    그런데 2011 ? 년 최신 모델은 발등 스트랩이 걸쇠 형식으로 .. 스놉부츠 바인딩 형식으로 변경됬잖아요 ..

  • 코코마 2010/10/11 01:16 #

    아... 그 스트랩 달린 것이 에라였지~ -.-;

    난 최초의 에라만 생각나서... ㅋ
  • faaeee 2010/10/11 01:08 #

    솔로는 파트 가격이 개념인가요ㅕ ㅋ
  • 릴리 2010/10/13 07:39 #

    색깔놀이 동참Yo~
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