님(NIMH) 샤먼(Shaman) 올리 숏(Oli Short) // 칼틱(Kaltik) Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

riding flat is so dope

57mm Aragon wheels

size : 6 us

Posted by : M@5QU3R@D3

프레임은 어떠냐는 질문에...

i prob couldn't give a good review on them i didn't really skate flat all that much before

but they slide good and you still get a little hang up but not bad. idk there dope i would def tell people to buy them

there a crazy good design. like thick were they need to be and then where they can be. they did all they could do to make the frame light without compromising the strength.

they use all metal hardware too, witch is a plus

i like them alot and for me to say i like a flat frame is saying something. ive skated anti since i was 9 with a couple of times trying flat here and there


  • faaeee 2010/10/16 03:17 #

    프래임이 어떻내는 질문에 그랜져도 대답한건가요! 뭔가요! 흰색은 바탕이요 검은것은 글씨인가요 ??!!
  • 코코마 2010/10/16 12:00 #

    귀찮아서 번역은 패스~ ㅋㅋ
  • faaeee 2010/10/16 03:18 #

    우와 이거 스몰쉘인데도 프래임이 진짜 짧네요 .. 솔판 주둥아리 튀나온거 감안해도 쉘기장이랑 배교해봐도 너무 짧은데요 ㄷㄷㄷ

    저렇게 짧으면 .. 슬라럼 우왕굳 ?
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