렘즈(REMZ) HR 1.1 RED Limited Edition // 그라인드 하우스(GrindHouse) Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

REMZ HR 1.1 RED limited Edition:

Remz developed a new generation of skates which addresses the problem of many soft boots: the softening and loss of support after a while of use. The new Remz technology solves the issue by incorporating high end non-stretch composite materials into the fabric, which effectively eliminates stretching and give over time. The result is a much firmer fit and the skate will maintain its performance after long periods of skating.
The HR 1.1 uses high end imported fabrics which were exclusively developed for Remz and offers a host of new details, unique fabrics, structures and design elements. Freedom-of-feet approved for your enjoyment. Further more you can adjust the flexibility easily with the additional velcro-straps which is delivered with in the box. Through buttons you also can switch the liner within seconds from V-Cut to High-Top. 

Our very limited HR 1.1 RED Setup comes with red buckles, red backslideplates and red GROUNDCONTROL FLT II frames. We also deliver EULOGY J.C. Rowe 58mm/89A wheels with ABEC 7 bearings inside. If you buy these parts separately you would pay 369,70 Euro. We are offering this setup for only 299,95 EUR!


  • High resilience composite materials
  • Imported fabrics
  • Original Remz freedom-of-feet skate concept
  • Flush inside soul frame
  • GC FLT 2 frame
  • ABEC 7 bearings
  • 42 mm anti-rocker wheels
  • Ergonomic Remz neoprene liner w/ shock absorber
  • EULOGY R.C. Rowe 58mm/89A wheels