Tobias Holden - Handplant 360 Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

San Diego days
photo from last year intended use for SHOCK

Toby straight shredding everything San Diego has everywhere we went

© Megan Rolling Love

나머지는 아래에...

Topside Torque Soul

Tobias topside torque soul out in Moorepark CA

canon 430ex in front, full power

Toby Holden - Mute 180

ledge roll to mute grab 180 back in San Diego

Toby Holden - Royale stale fish out

royale to stale fish out to fakie
canon 430 EX to the right of the frame

Sacramento is warm warm place

Toby Holden - Gap to Wall Ride

When all else fails, and you and your group of pals don't know where to go, City College is always great. gap to wall ride

Canon 430 EX to the left
Vivitar 285 sort of diagonally right of Toby (in his view)

Toby Holden - Stale Japan

He started on the bank opposite in the ditch and hit the sketchy quarter pipe

vivitar 285 kind of behind me to the left and a canon 430 ex to the right in front of him

Thanks for spots today Austin!

Toby Holden - Back Torque

up the light post
"under-the-bridge" spot

one of the photos in the San Diego article on Be-Mag.

Toby Holden - Acid

abandoned pool skating in sunny San Diego

Toby Holden - Royale to Fence Kick

Lot gate royale, fence kick to fakie
Saturday skate date day, haha

16mm Russian Fishy Lens
Canon 430 EX to the right of the camera

Tobias Holden - Top Porn

Toby top porn at veterans ledge.
Out skating and wanted to test out the little fish eye lens

Tobias Holden - Zero Spin Fishbrain

Chicano. Featured on SHOCK

That spot is always fun

Tobias Fishbrain

Poway skate park, with the grab of course. Oh man, but really, check out that hair, BOOM! Thanks Beau for the hair cuts!

© Megan Rolling Love


  • faaeee 2010/12/14 23:19 #

    맨위에 친구 .. 거대 nimh 이 왜저렇게 작아보이는겁니까 .. 운동화같네 ㄷㄷㄷ
    nimh 이 아닌가?
  • 코코마 2010/12/15 01:18 #

    솔판이... 님 맞는 것 같은데? ^^a
  • faaeee 2010/12/14 23:19 #

    발이 서있어도 백슬이 닿는 솔로의 위엄!!
  • 코코마 2010/12/15 01:18 #

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