Anthony Williams - Switch True Topsoul // USD 클래식 드론(Classic Throne), 트러스트(Trust) Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

Anthony Williams - Switch True Topsoul

Strobist info - sb-25 high right on a strand, honl 1/4 grid; 580 ex camera left about Anthony's chest height.

Awhile ago I got a call out of the blue to shoot with Anthony Williams. The first spot we hit up was the rail he skated for his A Chosen Few 270 Back Savannah trick tip, the one he broke. It has a one-story drop on the far side and is attached to wood. After the first try or two, it broke again.

Pondering where to go and with light fading fast, there wasn’t much to chose from. I told Anthony the spot didn’t have to be death-defying to make for a good photo. It could even be at a ledge. So he took me up on that and we drove to Cerritos College to these 8 ft.-long, square block ledges. I tinkered with the lighting and showed him the setup. He was surprised and went right to work on the Switch True Topsoul. We were eventually kicked out by campus police and off we went again.

Into the Night (Anthony Williams)

Good to go (Anthony Williams)

Honestly have no idea where I was other than outside of Steven Cortez's house. haha. We were picking him up to go snag a few photos. First spot of the day was the rail Anthony was going to 270 bs savannah in his A Chosen few trick tip. Never any easy spot with this guy!

Anthony Williams - Fish on a wabbly rail

Los Angeles, CA. VA Rails in West LA. I think this was in the usd edit he was in not too long ago, but I can't recall off the top of my head. This thing isn't bolted down at the beginning and is being held down by a cinder block.

It looks far better against a black backdrop if you're using the new flickr interface.

Anthony Williams - Backslide

La Palma, CA. Photo Journal #5 for One Magazine -

The next spot was an awkward handicap with barely any light, limited runway, brick flooring, and a side rail right as you jump. Of course that didn’t stop Anthony. Again, I was challenged to make this spot look good. I had the lighting set up in 15 minutes. He went through about four different tricks before the Backslide. We settled on it because he was facing the camera compared to his other choices which put his back towards me. The big issue was the dim lighting and looking through the camera eyepiece, trying to spot him on the rail. It was either shot too early or too late, when he had let go of his skate.

It was a challenge but well worth the results! The Switch True Topsoul was shot at 1/320 sec, f/6.3, Iso 1000. Left light at waist height, right light 9 ft. up and gridded. The Backslide was 1/250 sec, f/7.1, Iso 1600. Left light at 8 ft. up, right light 10 ft. away and 5 ft. up.— Jonathan Labez

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트러스트 우왕굳~ ㅋ

스케이트와 의상 깔맞춤 인정욥! :D

솔판은 라차드식 커스텀 ㄳ.


  • faaeee 2010/12/17 12:46 #

    아오 흑느님 컬러센스 ㅠ 감동욥
  • faaeee 2010/12/17 12:47 #

    아 그런데 저거 라차드 솔판 셋업이면 .. 보통 구형 클드론 튜머의 로얄각때문에 하는걸로 알고잇었는데 ..

    이 친구는 신형 튜머에 또 신형 튜머를 깍아 끼운거에요? 으잉?? 뭐임?? 왜 그런짓을?? 응?? 냅??
  • 코코마 2010/12/17 13:45 #

    저 하얀 블럭이 더 넓나? -.-a UHMW 인가???

    나도 잘 모르겠다... ㅎㅎ
  • faaeee 2010/12/17 12:47 #

    클드론은 발등이 거대 오픈되어 있는 쉘모양이 참 이쁜덧 ㅋ 이너빨 가장 잘 받는 스케이트욥 ㅋ
  • 코코마 2010/12/17 13:48 #

    커프 앞쪽도 많이 오픈된 편인 듯. ㅋ
  • faaeee 2010/12/17 12:48 #

    레이스부분이 복잡하다 생각했더니 더블레이스구조에 펭귄모양 켈소클드론인가 부네요 ㅋ
  • 코코마 2010/12/17 13:46 #

    발가락 위쪽에 뭔가 더 달려있었구만.. ㅋㅋ
  • faaeee 2010/12/17 12:48 #

    teal 컬러로 쉘 + 커프 + 휠 깔맞춤요 ㅋ
  • 코코마 2010/12/17 13:47 #

    다음 번 여의도 출동을 위해 드미 클드론과 깔맞춤 의상을 준비하는 용...
  • faaeee 2010/12/17 14:34 #


    마지막 사진은 트러스트 였구나 ㅋ

  • 코코마 2011/05/01 00:28 #

    사진 추가염~
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