Game Theory VS Valo4Life Review / 사용기 & 인터뷰

lol the video had amazing skating, thats what matters.
sooo many of you would rather watch an edit of broskow skating a prail just cause it was edited good.
personaly i liked game theory alot, the skating was fire and the music wasnt that bad.
valo4life was just good editing with some crazy skating but mostly just a good edited vid, didnt get me juiced to skate at all and the music realy fucking sucked.
valo4life= good editing with some crazy shit and shit music, and moslt bought cause it has a bkow section yet has more broll footy than anything
gametheory= crazy good skating, sub par editing, ok music and gets you juiced to skate, aragons section is dope and all the french kids have full sections in the bonus shit.

so its either you buy a vid soley cause of production value and a broskow section thats not that good
or you buy a vid for the awesome skating and look past the sub par editing, every section is fucking good

Posted by: the notorious LUD

Of course the Valo video has a bunch of B-roll, it was a tour video, not a "Lets go film for sections" video like Game Theory.
They traveled all over the world, and it was cool to see them document their travels.
Game Theory, on the other hand, shouldn't have that much b-roll, because they traveled in order to film, unlike 4Life where they traveled to travel and just filmed whatever tricks were cool as they were on tour.

Posted by: bobgross

발로 비됴는 투어를 다니면서 찍었던 영상을 편집한 거고

레이저 비됴는 비디오를 찍기 위해서 투어를 간 거라니...

비됴의 성격을 잘 표현한 듯. ㅋ


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  • faaeee 2010/12/29 02:16 #

    우오오오 발로 블루레이의 위엄 ~! 그리고 장비의 여유!

    그런데 막상 투어를위한영상이냐 .. 투어에의한영상이냐 .. 뭐 이런거 의도는 다르지만 딱히 또 구분하려면 뭔가 좀 애매하네요 ㅋ
  • faaeee 2010/12/29 02:17 #

    분명히 다른데 .. 뭘 설명할수가 없네 .. 직접 보여줄수도 없고 .. 아 .. 질러야겠따 ..
  • faaeee 2010/12/29 02:29 #

    감독의 시선.

    발로 : 야 놀자 놀자 이거 풀 HD 급이거덩~

    레이져 : 제군들 밤브릭꼴나지 않으려면 존나게 타십시오. 저는 찍겠습니다.
  • 코코마 2010/12/29 16:37 #

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