카본(Carbon) Soles on 솔로(Solos)? // 소울 플레이트(Soul Plate), 롤러블레이드(Rollerblade) 트라이브(Tribe), 커스텀(Custom) Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

I keep clipping the front of that stupid sole plate on everything when I skate I cant fucking stand it. I'm ready to just sell them and stick with my beat up carbons.

Posted by: KlebanIronCross

솔로의 솔판 앞쪽이 계속 clipping(? 깨진다는 말인 듯? -,-;;) 해서 참을 수가 없었다고...

Yeah. Round the edges off a bit

솔판의 끝부분을 갈아내 보라는 조언에...

I dont think that'll help. What fucks me up is that the plates dont go all the way to the end of the boot.

도움이 될 것 같지는 않다는 글쓴이의 댓글. 부츠랑 솔판이 잘 안 맞는 게(솔판이 약간 짧다는 말?) 문제라고...

Nothing happened to my RBs yet but i'm ready to give up on them. I love the way they fit, but they're so fucking stiff, to me, and those plates fuck me up when trying to grind anything. I've only ridden them like 3 or 4 times and I just keep giving up out of frustration of not being about to land any tricks. ARGH. Carbons have ruined me on standard hardboot skates. I feel like I have to relearn my tricks totally.

솔로의 착용감은 좋지만, 스케이트가 너무 뻣뻣하다고. 그라인드를 할 때마다 솔판이 걸리적 거리기도 한다.

...는 글쓴이의 답변.

I also had this problem when I skated solos, it went away after a couple sessions though. Idk I would recommend skimming the souls down how Juan from IW did it. Might help, I know those souls are bulky, thats why valos work so well for me now, fuck super wide souls.

Posted by: roll4sho

나도 솔로를 탈 때 비슷한 문제를 겪었다. 몇 번 타고 나니까 사라지기는 했지만 말이다. IW의 후안(Juan)이 했던 것처럼 솔판을 잘라내면 어떠냐? 도움이 될 것 같은데... 솔로의 솔판이 큰 거는 맞다.

Trim the souls so that the front and back ends are flush with the top of the frame.

Posted by: bobgross

프레임 윗면에 맞춰서 솔판 앞뒤도 자르라는 댓글


Posted by: handicap23

'소울'이라고 쓰라는 간단명료한 댓글

A sole is something on the bottom of your shoes or skates. A soul is something you have inside you.

솔(Sole)은 신발이나 스케이트의 바닥에 붙어있는 거고

소울(Soul)은 너의 영혼이다.

...라는 글쓴이의 답변

FUCKING THIS!!!!!! As an old school roller, SOLE grinds came about because it was the first grind where you slid on the SOLE of your skate and not the frame. Then a bunch of gromms thought it mean soul like your spirit and thought that was what the trick was named for. Shit has been silently bugging me for sooooo long. I don't give a fuck what you see written now, it's the sole of your boot, and it is the plate that fits over the sole of you boot. It is a sole plate for doing sole grinds.

Another one that really grinds my gears is EMCEE. WTF is that shit. It started originally because there was no rapper in hiphop, only a hypeman that tried to make the repetitive records breaks from getting bored. He was the Master of Ceremonies, a title that has been around for a long time. The rapper is the MC of a show. Hammer was MC Hammer, not Emcee Hammer. Then a bunch of fucking Tdogs decided it was a word and not an acronym and spelled it emcee. And here you are today with people referring it to that.

I still say Sole Grind, and I still say MC. I guess I am just old and cranky.

Posted by: Pat SayJack

설득력으로 무장한... 'Sole'이 맞다는 장문의 댓글. 오오...

Been on them for 2 years now. Best skates ever made. I hated the Feinbergs tho. Too hard. ST8s and 9s are where it's at cause the boot is soft and flexy.

Posted by: justinthursday

2년 정도 타왔는데 살로몬이 최고라고. 초기 모델은 너무 딱딱해서 나도 싫어했었다. ST8 과 ST9부터 부츠가 부드럽고 유연해졌다고.

앞서 나왔었지만 퍼오면서 패스한 살로몬 부츠에 대한 내용을 J떨스데이군이 정리해주심.

yuck solos are perfect right out the box

Posted by: Nick Taylor

(커스텀이) 구리다(?). 솔로는 박스에서 꺼낸 상태에서 이미 완벽하다.

Yeah, the boots are perfect right out of the box. but those cheap ass wannabe salo widebodies are junk.

부츠에 대해서는 맞는 말이다. 하지만, 살로몬 와이드바디를 따라한 싸구려(?) 소울플레이트는 구리다.

...라는 글쓴이의 답변

*** 2011년 3월 24일 내용 추가 ***

Indeed, I did. You've gotta flatten the carbon soles while leaving the negative and positive areas, then you've either gotta remove the UFS nubs on the boots or on the sole plates. I chose to remove the nubs on the plates so that the nubs on the boots fit into them, but that was only because I didnt want to modify the boot.

Posted by: KlebanIronCross

다른 분께 커스텀 비법을 전수 중.

카본 소울 플레이트의 윗면을 평평하게 갈아낸 다음

쉘 바닥에 있는 프레임 고정용 돌기를 갈아내거나, 솔판 바닥에 있는 돌기를 갈아내야 하는데

부츠를 상하게 하기 싫어서 글쓴이는 솔판 바닥을 갈아냈다고.

*** 2011년 10월 16일 내용 추가 ***

RB Solo Tribe HD

Tribe HD boot, Create Originals frames, Hyper wheels, Craps bearings

Posted ed by: kleban


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    OG 프레임 옆면에 UHMW 판때기를 낑구셨근용~ ㅋ
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    언능 나가서 사이즈모어급 에어를 뛰어주라능~~ 하악하악!
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