크리에이트 오리지날(CREATE ORIGINALS)™ 2011 Series 2 Custom Graphic UFS Frames Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

We would like to thank everyone for the tremendous support and reception we have received so far. We have seen a growing demand for the frames and we couldn’t do what we do without everyone who has helped, what ever it may be, along the way. Because we are skaters ourselves we will always be dedicated to providing high quality, innovative products while continuously improving every aspect possible. So we are now proud to introduce:

The CREATE ORIGINALS™ Series 2 Custom Graphic UFS Frame:

The new CREATE ORIGINALS™ Series 2 Frame Core features construction made from an all new mold, manufacturing process, and new reinforced material composition that ensures the highest quality performance and durability available.


- Newly Reworked UFS Frame Core Mold & Manufacturing Process.
- Stronger, Lighter, & Greater Wear Resistance Material Composition.
- Thicker Inner Side Wall & H-Block Construction.
- Minimal Side Wall Grind Space Design Ensures The Fastest & Smoothest Sliding Available.
- Completely Symmetrical, Rotatable, & Replaceable Single Piece Core Design.
- Precisely Angled & Curved Center H-Block Pocket Ensures Perfectly Balanced Groove Tricks.
- Widest Split System Available On Any Single Piece Core Frame Available.
- Patent Pending Custom Graphic Display System Allows For Easy To Switch & Endless, Custom Graphic Options
- Create Your Own Frame Design With Online Downloadable Graphic Insert Template.
- Included Freestyle G – Blocks Allow For All Setup Option Possibilities(Flat Rocker, Anti Rocker, Freestyle, & Tri-Rocker).
- Includes 4 Photo Realistic, Water Resistant Graphic Inserts With Customizable Blank Underside.
- Includes 4 Shatterproof, Slidable, Clear Protective Shields To Protect Graphic Inserts
- Available In Various Colors: Black, White, Mariano Blue, Limited Edition Teal, Limited Edition Atomic Red, & Limited Edition Light Gray.
- 57MM Max Flat Rocker Setup, 59MM Max Anti & Freestyle Setup.
- 8MM UFS Axle Hardware & Frame Spacers.
- Made For, Tested, & Ridden By The Best Skaters In The World.

The CREATE ORIGINALS™ 2011 Team: PRO: Alex Broskow, Chris Farmer, John Bolino, Billy O’Neill. Sean Kelso, Montre’ Livingston – AM: Mark Wojda, Austin Paz, Franco Cammayo

작년 가을엔가 다양한 컬러로 나왔던 모델부터 개선된 게 아니었나? -.-a

요번꺼는 프레임 옆면에 음각 로고도 있네. ㅋ

Create Originals 2011 Frames

David gives you a detailed look at the new Create Originals 2011 Frames. There have been a ton of changes and improvements made to this frame



  • ㅆㅃㅃ 2011/01/12 18:25 #

    잘깨지기로 소문난 바로 그 부분에 음각이라니.......
  • 코코마 2011/01/12 19:50 #

    오닐 사장님의 자신감!! 하학!!
  • faaeee 2011/01/13 22:14 #

    저 중간중간 촤컬릿 색은 뭔가요!
  • faaeee 2011/01/13 22:15 #

    디자인은 그대로 가고 (음각이라 하고 자신감이라 읽는다!!) 재질만 바꾼것 같습니다!!! 뭡니까!!
  • 코코마 2011/01/14 00:06 #

    금형도 살짝 바꾸고

    재질도 바꾸고

    생산과정도 수정한 듯? ㅋ
  • faaeee 2011/01/13 22:15 #

    플루이드도 딱딱해서 아마도 슬림라인 재질로 ?!?!
  • 코코마 2011/01/25 15:49 #

    CO 프레임 소개 영상 추가염~
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