칼틱(Kaltik) 아론 파인버그(Aaron Feinberg) 스탤스(Stealth) 플랫(Flat) 프레임(Frames) Green // AM, AMall, Ignition Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

Kaltik Stealth FLAT Frames:

Imported straight from Dublin, Ireland, these brand new flat frames from Kaltik give skaters from around the globe a new frame design to try out. 

Kaltik set out to design a new frame that allows you to ride a flat 4 wheel set up while still being able to grind without your inner wheels completely rubbing.

  • All 8 mm axles
  • Metal rockers
  • Fits up to 60 mm wheels
  • Color: Green
  • Average weight: 8 oz.

  • Size S/M = 5-7 (length = 10.5 in.)

  • Size M/L = 8-15 (length = 11.25 in.)

  • Frames sold in pairs(2) with Hardware

  • (Mounting bolts sold separately or use your existing bolts)

KALTIK Feinberg Flat Frames

Company: Kaltik

Product: Feinberg Flat Frames

Colour: Green

S/M: (EU 38-42 / US 6-9 / UK 5-8)
M/L: (EU 43-48 / US 10-14 / UK 9-13)

This frame has a special groove system which allows you to skate 8 wheels without adictation of grinding.

Kaltik - Stealth Flat Aaron Feinberg - Green

•UFS bolts: No
•Spacers: Yes

One pair of Kaltik - Stealth Flat Aaron Feinberg - Green in set.

KALTIK Flat Stealth Feinberg Pro Frame

Kaltik Flat frames

Designed and tested by rollerbladers for rollerbladers.
A new and unique h-block technology designed to skate a flat set up of 8 60mm wheels.
These frames can off course be skated with anti rockers too.

  • Unique h block technology
  • Designed to skate flat set up of 60mm wheels
  • Unique plastic compound
  • Small frames measures 238mm
  • Large frame measures 257mm
  • Small pair weighs 650 grms {including hardware}
  • Large pair weighs 725 grms {including hardware}
  • Frames can also be skated with anti rockers or no middle wheels

1 pair of KALTIK Flat Frames incl. axles and spacers.

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