Smashed Carbon Fibre In USD 카본(Carbons) // 스킨(Skin) Review / 사용기 & 인터뷰

ive smashed the carbon fibre in both the toes of my skates, first one happened the first day of skating and then i dont know how the other one has smashed.
anyone else had a problem with this? pick your boot up and run your finger over your toe if its bumpy and deffomed then you have, it its smooth you havent
i'll attempt to take pictures but i dont know if it will show up but you can deffinatly tell when you hold my skates and feel it
i know the pictures are massive

Posted by: Patty_

USD 카본1의 발가락 부분.

저 부분은 카본 섬유가 아니라

그냥 스킨 아닌감? -.-a

더 늦기 전에 순간접착제로 딱ㅋ딱ㅋ하게 맹글어주셔야 할 듯.... ㄷㄷ


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