4Life on Itunes // 발로(Valo) Random / 기타

4Life on Itunes: February 24, 2011

Thank you all who have purchased,rated and commented!
It's a great to see 4Life featured on the Itunes main page.

On it's 2nd day:
Rated 5 Stars at 119 Ratings
Now sitting nicely at the 8th spot documentary category
Top 5 Sales in Sports Category
and top 3 on the Iphone documentary highest selling listing

Again thank you so much for your support and understanding the importance of our representation on the Itunes platform..

-Jon Julio

Top 3 on the Iphone documentary listing

4라이프의 위엄!

& "모바일 시장을 개척해야 어글씬이 산다." - 김영희