샤도(XSJADO) 스켈레톤(Skeleton) Only 2011 // Grindhouse, RW, AM, Hedonskate, Bakerized Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

XSJADO Skeleton Only 2011

XSJADO offers also BootOnly without footwraps.

If you already own XSJADO Footwraps you can save a lot of money with this offer!

The Skeleton comes in 2 sizes only:
  • M (UK 4-8,5 / 36 - 42 2/3)
  • L (UK 9-12,5 / 43 1/3 - 48)

You simply can adjust the cuff for your individual size.

The Skeleton comes including shockabsorbers.

Xsjado Skeleton 2 Boot Only

The Xsjado Skeleton 2 Boot Only for those of you that want to use your own Xsjado footwraps or shoes and attach your own frames, wheels and bearings to create the set up that is just right for you. Featuring their new black color scheme with white accents.

Xsjado is the only true step in rollerblade/binding design that allows you to use a unique shoe/footwrap (you can even use some of your own after market shoes) so that you can go from walking to skating in seconds without having to ever remove your foot from your favorite pair of shoes.

Does not include footwraps!

  • Weight of single skeleton boot: 2 lbs. 6 oz. (Based on a size 9)

  • Black Colorway w/ White Accents

  • Only true step in binding type rollerblade

  • Does not include footwraps

  • Shell sizing is as follows

  • S = 5--9

  • L = 9.5-13

  • Made in China

XSJADO Skeleton Special Setup

Here you'll get:
  • XSJADO Skeleton in black
  • XSJADO Mook Frame in white/black
  • GRINDHOUSE High Quality Organic Eyes 58mm/90A wheels
  • ABEC 5 bearings

Originally the skate will be delivered with black cuff straps. Additionally we'll put another set of white cuff straps into the box.

Xsjado - Skeleton II - Black

•model: Xsjado - Skeleton II - Czarne
•souplate: Xsjado

One pair of Xsjado - Skeleton II - Black in set.

*** 2011년 3월 31일 내용 추가 ***

Xsjado Black Skeleton 2 Black/White

These are the new 2011 ALL BLACK and WHITE Skeletons. Come with everything except, FRAMES, WHEELS, BEARINGS, AND NO FOOTWRAPS..

*** 2011년 4월 6일 내용 추가 ***

Xsjado 2011 Skeleton 2 Boots

As you can see with these Xsjado 2011 Skeleton 2 Boots, they have the classic dual ankle strap along with the footpad that’s adjustable on both sides. This way you can customize the fit to be perfect for your foot size. Also the standard Xsjado toe strap is there as well to lock you down at the end of your foot. BOOM.

The adjustable strap along the inside of the boot gives you plenty of different adjustable notches for you to get that perfect fit. It happens all too often that we get an aggressive skate that doesn’t quite fit our foot right. Well you won’t have that problem with Xsjado skates, super comfy and form-fitted to your foot!

The Xsjado 2011 Skeleton 2 Boots feature a flat cut cuff, so this is best fit for those who don’t like v-cut cuffs and like tall ankle support. Xsjado skates are known for having great ankle support while mixing in the perfect amount of flex, so you should have no worries about doing all the tricks you want!

Detail all the way down to the nitty gritty, Xsjado is known for keeping it fresh through and through. And it even starts with that clean black and white color scheme!

Once again, the Xsjado toe strap does a great job of keeping your toes locked down tight. These have different available colors so that you can customize it and get the color scheme that you want!

Xsjado keeps it super padded and comfy with the shock absorber at the bottom of the boot. So if the footwraps don’t keep your heels protected enough, these shock absorbers will be there to pick up the slack!

Xsjado 2011 Skeleton 2 Boots

David gives you a closer look at the new Xsjado 2011 Skeleton 2 Boots.

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    Hedonskate의 샤도 Skeleton 2 사진 추가염~
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    RW의 샤도 Skeleton 사진 추가염~
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