USD 세븐(Seven) Team 2011 // VII, Grindhouse, Bakerized, RW Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

USD Seven Team 2011

The USD Seven Team 2011 comes in a decent black/white color-combination. The comfortable SIFIKA Chicago liner supports your feet the right way and the new Soulframe is now more sturdy and light weight. USD decided to change the frames from KIZER Clean to KIZER Typ M II which got a new shape and stronger materials. You ride on USD Team wheels in 55mm/90A with ABEC 5 bearings.

weight of 1 skate in size 42 = 1,90 kg

New and improved USD VII 2011 Skates in Stores 7th of May

The VII was originally created as a pricepoint skate but after it was drastically improved both in comfort, hardwear and looks skaters on the team began to take an interest. Simply put, this skate can battle any skate on the market. Its liners are high quality and exceedingly comfortable, and the cuff and boot combination is a perfect balance between support and flexibility. The new soulplate is a variation of the enormously popular Carbon soulplate with a brand new groove.

The skate really can be considered one of the most comfortable and accomodating skates on the market with a full lightweight soulplate to compliment the boot as well as a lowered heel for better anti-shock. As if all these improvements weren’t enough, the brand new Kizer Type-M frame will be making its premier exclusively on this skate.

Ideal for beginners thanks to its tantalizing price but also great for experts thanks to its hi-spec features, this skate is bound to be one of the best-sellers of 2011.

USD VII Black/White 2011 Complete (pre-order)

The VII skate has evolved into a secret weapon. Already known for being lightweight and extremely comfortable it now comes with a completely renewed soulplate, very similar to its Carbon counterpart which has proven perfect. The shell has been reworked for better compatability with UFS allowing for a lower center of gravity, more control and more space for the Sifika shock-absorber.

This brand new VII also comes with a harder plastic shell for better support.

The all new VII skate is as good as any hardboot out there, if not better - and it comes at the fraction of the cost. Perfect for beginners and professionals alike, this skate will satisfy your every aggressive need.

The skate includes the brand new VII soulplate, USD liners, an all-new 2011 Type M frame and USD wheels

뒤꿈치가 평평해지고

솔판은 USD 카본과 호환되는

뉴 세븐이욤~~~ -o-)/

프레임도 타입M "2"로 업그레이드했쿠만! ㅎ

복사뼈 앞쪽 쉘 폭이 좁았던 것도 좀 늘려줬으려나? ㅋ

USD Seven Soulplates 2011

1 pair USD Seven Soulplates

Fits for USD Seven Skates from 2011

USD VII Soul Plates

Replacement soul plates for your USD VII skates.

The VII soul plates can be used on your USD Carbon skates. Please make sure to use the sizing charts below to choose the correct size for your style Carbon skates.

  • Designed for the USD VII Skates

  • Can be used on the USD Carbon skates.

  • Color: Black

  • Sizing for USD VII Skates
  • S = Sizes 6-7
  • M = Sizes 8-9
  • L = Sizes 10-10.5
  • XL = Sizes 11-13

  • Sizing for USD Carbon and Imperial Skates
  • S = Sizes
  • M = Sizes
  • L = Sizes
  • XL = Sizes

  • Soul Plate Lengths
  • S = 10-5/8"
  • M = 11-1/8"
  • L = 11-3/4"

  • Sold as a pair (1 left and 1 right)

USD - VII 2011

USD VII 2011 in VHS

USD VII Team Skates

David gives you an inside look at the new USD VII Team Skates.

'세븐'을 '브이-아이-아이'라고 읽어주시는 '디-에이-브이-아이-디'횽. ㄷㄷㄷ

뉴 세븐에 관련된 예전 글은 아래에...

USD 세븐(Seven; VII), 임페리얼(Imperial), 샤도(Xsjado) Avant // Be-Mag

New 샤도(Xsjado) 베이직(Basic) and USD VII(Seven, 세븐) 2011 // Avant



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    라이너를 커스텀한 세븐 사용기는 아래에...

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