엘리엇 스티븐스(ELLIOT STEVENS) - ROYAL GAP // 발로(Valo), 영국(UK) Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

Shooting with Elliot Stevens for his interview with, Elliot asked me if I wanted to grab some portraits and action shots of him. so we on a rare sunny day in Manchester and two minutes away from his apartment we grabbed a couple of portraits and then this royal gap he had been thinking about.

Elliot is sponsored by Dirtbox clothing, Valo Skates, Eulogy Wheels and Loco Skate Shop.

Check out the interview on the site below:

There will be a physical copy of the magazine coming out in early April available across the UK at selected stores.

© Richard Manning Photography


  • faaeee 2011/04/02 02:16 #

    쭈구리 발로 ..
  • 코코마 2011/04/02 21:05 #

  • faaeee 2011/04/02 02:17 #

    제가 꼭 지금 발로를 사려고 하는데 카본 발로 기다느리라고 쭈글쭈글 까는건 아닙니다만 ..

    쉘컷 안하면 쭈글하지 않은듯 ? 으음 ..
  • 코코마 2011/04/02 21:06 #

    발로 쉘은 이미 몇 번 겪어보고 발려 봤으니

    5mm 넓어지고 5mm 길어진 발로 라이트를 지르지 않겠는가!
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