USD 카본(Carbon) 2 간단평 Review / 사용기 & 인터뷰

I guess I can comment since I now own a pair and have ridden them for a few sessions. I think they're good skates depending on what you're looking for. the front to back flex is really good, a nd the side to side play is pretty good as well. I don't really like the foot beds, but I'm too lazy to swap them out, and whenever I try stuff like that, it never seems to work for me. The souls slide really well too, even better than my A2's. The skin seems to be incredibly durable, and it was so nice to have a skate be all but fully broken in in about 30 minutes thanks to being able to be heat molded. With all of that said, the only thing about my carbons that bother me a bit is the buckle receptor. I just find it more difficult to work with than a standard razor buckle.

Posted by: Peppermint Rhino

발목 앞뒤/옆 방향 유연성이 좋다고.

깔창은 싫다고.

솔판은 아라곤2 보다 잘 밀리고, 스킨도 매우 튼튼하다고, 30분만에 발에 완전히 잘 맞게 되었다고.

버클 리셉터는 맘에 안 든다고...

다른 분들도 대체로 좋다는 평이었고

리셉터가 싫다는 분이 한분 더 있었음.

(그래서 요즘 보이는 카본2에는 다른 버클이 달려 있는 게 많은 듯!? -.-a)

*** 2011년 6월 30일 내용 추가 ***

I made the buckles on my C2 kelsos black. but one of my buckles broke, like it lost it's springiness. so it might flop around when i skate. te spring loaded buckles was a stupid idea anyway, it's a pain when you try and do anything, all they do is try to close.

Posted by: a_pla5tic_bag

카본2에 달려있는 버클에 스프링(?)이 고장났다는 분 등장욥~

스케이팅 할 때 버클이 덜렁거린다고... ㄷㄷㄷ


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    으윽 .. 사야하나 .. 한국에 정식수입되면 .. 신어보고 결정해볼까요 .. 으흑 .ㅠ
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