White And Black 임페리얼(Imperials) // USD Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인


anthony williams got his to test eww

Posted by: theDON

here's his custom setup(said he's puttin iain UC pro wheels):

Posted by: glum

lol i almost posted this picture of anthony’s set up
i just got off the phone with jeremy we both agreed these are ugly and said they look like shamoo.....

jeremy got the all black ones and is heat molding them now

Posted by: theDON

haha they look dope to me but everyone likes something different....dope i know jeremy will like them since they are higher cuff since he messed up his ankle

Posted by: glum

hopefully he said his 8’s arnt fitting right and feel super weird so he is heat molding them and hopefully they fit / feel better but ya his carb 2’s didnt do him well

Posted by: theDON

he got size 8? oh man why didnt he get 9's....i bet because the only 9's available were the white n black ones haha....from oli benets post on the imperials he shoulda got a 9 or a 10 because 8 will size like a size 7....he put a 9 usd throne shell lined up with a size 10 imperial n they lined up exactly the same

carbons did him good till he messed up his ankle in them

Posted by: glum

커프 부분에 패턴(?) 디자인이 별론데!? -_-a

흰 솔판을 끼우니까 훨씬 낫구만.

그외에... 임페리얼은 작게 나온 게 맞고

제레미 소더버그는 카본2를 타다가 발목이 븅신-.-되셨다고... ㄷㄷㄷ



  • 코코마 2011/04/16 17:56 #

    임페리얼 사진과 카드라 통신 추가염~ ㅋ
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