How Revolution Skate Shop Cheated My Order! Review / 사용기 & 인터뷰

Here what happen , i ordered a pair of BLACK USD carbons and some wheels bearing etc. from them 2 months ago. The order just came today but only the pair of skate came. The rest of the order never came and from what i know it is on another shipping package. To top it off , they sent me a WHITE pair of carbons. Been contacting them about the delay of my order since 1 month ago and the first excuse they give for the delay was the order was sent back to them cause it was damaged. The second time i contacted them about my order , i was told that the eulogy wheels i ordered was on back-order. ALL this delayed the order to almost 1 month plus before it was shipped out! From what i came to understand , even if they have no stock in their shop , the website will still list it as IN-STOCK and will "ship the same business day". I contacted them about this incident and all james could say was he will pay for the return fees but i will have to wait 2-3 weeks because the black carbons are on back-order , he didn't even apologied to me why he sent me a white pair of carbons. Even if i were to send back my order to exchange for a new pair , i am going to have to wait another 1 month for my order to be shipped back. 3 months in total just to get a pair of skate that i wanted? Maybe they know how to do business in the US but for overseas order clearly they are lacking. For now i have no choice but to skate with what i have been given. FOR those of you who are going to order from them overseas all i can say is PLEASE RECONSIDER! they will not hesitate to give you other size or color of the skate if they have no-stock. Hope you guys get to see this message before you placed your order with them.

Posted by: do re mi

So I wasn't the only one be treated this way.

Same happen to me 5 or 6 years ago, ordered some tee's then received WRONG SIZE and WRONG COLOUR (ugliest color brown charcoal) and this without even ASKING ME IF I WOULD BE OK WITH THAT.
He just said that he didn't have it in stock.
Seems that they are too busy to handle overseas order correctly that's why I didn't order anymore anything from them.
Don't want to bother them...

I think that intuitionskateshop is better for overseas order.

Posted by: malrone

배송도 늦고 엉뚱한 색상의 제품을 보내고... 개판이라고. -_-;;;

근데, 이 글 말고도 레볼루션샵 까는 글은 몇번 더 본 듯. -.-;;

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