저그(Jug) Black Sox 라이너(Liners) // AM, Grindhouse, RW Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

Looking for a way to improve your skates?

Upgrade to better liners or replace your worn out ones with a pair of these Jug Black Sox liners that are brand new for 2011.

Besides looking like killer liners, the Jug Black Sox liners are designed and tested by the Jug pro team who are always looking to enhance your skating experience.

Features Breakdown:

Speed Lacing System: No tying involved! Just pull the laces tight and cinch them in place.

Neoprene toe and heel: If your liners don't have neoprene in these areas, you haven't experienced comfort.

Thick ankle and Tongue Padding: This padding may seem a little thick at first but as soon as you break it in from skating it will give you the fit and feel that you have been searching for.

Other features: The padded insole contours to your feet and is not too soft so that it still is able to provide some foot support. The velcro straps help to keep your ankles supported in place and can be tightened how you like. And lastly each tongue has a stash pocket that velcros shut which also allows you to remove the inner tongue support or even add your own if desired.

  • Light weight design

  • Neoprene toe and heel

  • Speed lacing system w/ Velcro straps

  • Articulated ankle design to prevent ankle lift

  • Articulated, pre-shaped tongue

  • Removable tongue insert

  • Stash pocket

  • Available in full sizes 6-13 & 10.5

JUG Black Sox Liner

Jug liners received a complete makeover in the new Black Sox liner. Highlight is a new dual density foam which consists of a high density EVA foam on the outside which provides support and distributes stress over a wider area. A softer inner PU foam adapts to the contours of your foot enhancing fit and comfort. The padding of the tongue was increased to almost 1" and it comes with a removable tongue insert which in a hidden pocket. New is also a V-shape elastic insert in the back which provides flex if skated with V-cut cuffs.

Unchanged is the high rebound shock absorbing insole, Velcro closure in the tongue to prevent shifting and the articulated ankle shape which keeps your foot locked in.

  • Dual density foam
  • Extra padding in tongue
  • Elastic V-cut insert
  • Articulated ankle shape
  • Tongue pocket
  • Velcro tongue lock
  • J-pad ankle lock
  • Dual density Gel footbed
  • 4-point lacing system
  • Articulated, pre-shaped tongue


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깔창은 왜 다시 저걸로 바뀐거냐.. ㄷㄷ



  • 코코마 2011/04/30 21:11 #

    그냥 트러스트2 나 기대합시다. ㅋ
  • 코코마 2011/05/11 11:17 #

    RW의 저그 Black Sox 라이너 소개영상 추가염~
  • faaeee 2011/05/13 02:12 #

    왜 저그는 화이트를 어느순간부터 포기한겁니까 ..

    레이져 이러라도 따로 발매해주던지 .. ㅠ
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