그라운드 컨트롤(Ground Control) F1 XS Flat 프레임(Frames) // GC, AM, RW Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

Ground Control updates their highly popular Formula One frame system with their new F1 XS model. The GC Formula One XS frames feature a wider groove area between the two center axles to help you slide better in your grinds and they have thicker side walls so that the frames have a longer life span.

The Ground Control F1 XS frames are featured on Razors' new Stefan Horn Pro SL skate and are currently only available in the white/white color from frames off of his skate.

  • NEW 8mm Axle Design (Requires Only 1 Allen Wrench to Remove Bolts)
  • All 8 mm axles
  • Metal rockers
  • Fits 58 mm wheels on outside
  • Fits 57 mm wheels on inside
  • Color Example: White/White = White Frame with White H-Block
  • Average weight: 12 oz.

  • Size 1 = 6-8(length = 11 in.)

  • Size 2 = 8-11(length = 11 1/2 in.)

  • Size 3 = 12-14(length = 12 in.)

  • Frames sold in pairs(2)
  • Includes 4 Frame Bolts
  • Includes 4 8mm Bearing Spacers (For Outer Wheels)

Ground Control Formula 1 XS Chase Frames

If you were a fan of the original Ground Control F1 Flat Frames, then you have no choice but to pick up these new Ground Control Formula 1 XS Frames.. they’re everything you loved about the first Ground Control frames, but with extra improvements to make them even better! We’re talking bigger wheel capacity and bigger h-block to make an all-around sick aggressive skate frame!!

Ground Control Formula 1 XS Frames in red!

The fact that these Ground Control Formula 1 XS Frames are available in three colors.. black, white, and red.. makes them all the more sicker! If you’re looking for a quality skate frame for riding flat or anti-rocker, then I believe now you’ve met your match.

Ground Control Formula 1 XS Frames in black!

- Extra wide split
- Deeper recessed axle bolts
- Super thick center groove
- Additional material around axles
- Maximum wheel size outside 60 mm
- Maximum wheel size flat 56 mm
- Available in black, red, or white

Close-up shot of the XS logo on the red frame

The Razors 42mm anti-rockers come stock on this Ground Control frame, so the anti-rocker is all setup for you already, you just have to buy the frame and you’re all good. Also, Ground Control has designed an all new injected plastic so that skaters can have an aggressive skate frame that lasts them a long time while meeting top performance!

A zoomed in shot of the H-block and sickle logo

All of this awesomeness would not be possible without the expanded h-block allowing you to ride up to a 56mm skate wheel flat and still have plenty of grinding space. With all the extra h-block, it also makes the anti-rocker setups even that much better.. as now you’ll be locking into everything first try!

The Joey Chase frames in their box and ready to go!


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Ground Control Formula 1 XS Frames

David gives you a closer look at the brand new Ground Control Formula 1 XS Frames.


  • 코코마 2011/07/02 10:14 #

    RW의 GC F1-XS 프레임 소개영상 추가염~
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