Anybody Tried The New Vii's Yet // USD 세븐(Seven) Review / 사용기 & 인터뷰

i think i'm going to pick up a pair of the 7's here very shortly and i was just curious as to whether or not anyone on here has tried them yet. I don't care about the m-types though. i'm mainly interested in how the flex (cuff),liners, and souls feel

Posted by: big billy

새로 나온 USD 세븐을 살 계획인데... (쉘과 커프의) 유연성, 라이너, 소울플레이트의 느낌 등이 궁금하다.

one of my mates got a pair and he hates them, he said the plastic on the shell was really thin and made them skate sloppy so there now on ebay lol

Posted by: Jordan_Mowat

내 친구가 샀는데, 안 좋아 하더라.

쉘의 플라스틱이 너무 얇아서 스케이트가 휘청거린다(?)고 함. 중고로 팔려고 ebay에 올려놨음. ㅋ


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