발로(VALO) JJ 라이트(Light) Deluxe Edition // 존 훌리오(Jon Julio), Grindhouse Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

VALO JJ.Light Deluxe Edition

After several years of development VALO is proud to pronounce their new masterpice.

As the name suggests, the highlight of the skate lies in the detail. You cannot see it through the well-proven, strong skin. The shell is made of carbon fiber. This reduces the weight of the boot to 1,15 kg at size 40 making 400g lighter than any other boot in this size.

The shell is open at the toe/upperfeet part. So you do not have pressure from above. VALO reworked the entire fit of the skate. Now its true-sized because of a 0,5cm wider and larger shell.
The liner is also light and perfectly supports your feet (even if you have wide feet). The toe is made of neopren, the tonque is fixed by a strap and the heel padding keeps your foot in the right position.

And that is not all. The soulframe is lightweight aswell, consisting of only two pieces now (other VALO Skates have three-piece soulframes). The frontpart of the soulframe has a fresh and clean sneaker look.

Our VALO JJ.Light Deluxe Edition comes with the most wanted GROUNDCONTROL FLT II Frame and with one of the fastest wheel/bearings combination on the market: GRINDHOUSE High Quality 58mm/90A 15th anniversary wheels and GRINDHOUSE Super Fast ABEC-9 Bearings! So you get a very light, compact and strong boot together with a very good frame and very fast wheels and bearings - that´s why we call it "Deluxe Edition" ;-)

By the way: If you would buy these parts separately you pay 394,80 €. So with this Edition you save over 50 Euro!

The weight of one Deluxe Edition skate in size 40 is only 1,62kg!


  • 코코마 2011/05/28 00:15 #

    USD 카본2 부츠 온리가 1.035 kg (그라인드 하우스 260mm(EU 41; US 8) 기준) 인데

    발로 라이트는 EU 40(US 7) 사이즈가 1.15 kg

    솔판 테두리때문에 약간 더 무거운 건가?? -o-a
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