스크라이브(Scribe) 브라이언 아라곤(Brian Aragon) Pro Wristbrace // 손목보호대, AM, RW Random / 기타

For those of you who don't like to go nuts with heavy duty wrist guards, Scribe keeps things simple with their new pro model wristbrace designed for Brian Aragon. This wristbrace is ambidextrous (you can put it on either your left or right wrist) and features a removable splint along with a velcro strap to keep things tight breathable neoprene and a light weight design.

This wristbrace is sold singly so if you want one for both of your wrists you will need to purchase two.

  • 1 ambidextrous wristbrace

  • One size fits most

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당신의 손목에 아라곤 간지를!

Scribe Aragon Wristbrace

The Scribe Aragon Wristbrace is the first protection product from Scribe Industries, endorsed by Brian Aragon himself. This small, sleek, comfortable aggressive skate wrist guard includes a removable splint for added support. The best part of this item is that it is ambidextrous and can be used on both wrists! Made from primarily neoprene and nylon.

Close up of the strap that goes in between the thumb and fingers

Let’s face it, if you’ve been an aggressive skater for a short while, chances are you’ve messed up your wrist at some point. There’s so many little bones floating around in your wrist, it’s almost hard NOT to bang it at least. But don’t be stubborn, strap on one of these Scribe Aragon Wristbrace to whichever wrist is hurting and you’ll be all good! Personally, I’ve hurt my wrist enough to the point where I like to wear it even when it doesn’t hurt, but it works great for protection even when it’s hurting.

The wrist strap all opened up and the hand strap velcro'd in

The strap coming over the top (in the picture above) is what makes it ambidextrous. No matter which wrist it’s on, you can adjust that strap and put in between the thumb and fingers, making it a perfect fit! There aren’t many aggressive skate wrist guards out there with that feature, which is what makes the Scribe Aragon Wristbrace unique.

The under side of the wristbrace, where the splint is located

Scribe Pro Wheels and Aragon Wrist Guard

David gives you an inside look at the three new Scribe Pro Wheels and the Brian Aragon Wrist Guard.


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