Montreal Classic Comp Results // MTL, Be-Mag Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

1. Roman Abrate
2. Kevin LaPierre
3. Franco Cammayo

great comp. others who competed -Matt Ledoux, Brian Shima, Joey Chase, Adrienne Anne

Posted by: SHAWNSKATER11

영상이 기대된다능~

매튜 르도가 컴피티션에도 참가했다니!!

Abrate takes MTL Classic

Congratulations to Roman Abrate for taking 1st place at the Montreal Classic

Official Be-Mag Montreal Classic 2011 Edit by Immony Men

Check the full article here:​article/​2097-Montreal-Classics-2011-Contest-Report-Official-Be-Mag-Edit-by-Immony-Men

과감하게 쉘을 따내버린 님(NIMH)


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