레이저(Razors) 제네시스(Genesys) 'Sega Blue' Skate // AM, AMall Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

Razors Genesys; - "The Sega Blues."

The "Sega Blue" version of the time tested and proven Genesys skate is an exclusive color that you will only find available here at Aggressivemall. What makes these Gens different? Besides the obvious royal blue color way, a single pair of multi-weave laces along with lace plugs for the outer most holes was used for easy of use and to keep things clean. On the back of the cuff an ornamented Double R Razors logo is printed for a little extra detail. Other than that, you are getting the exact same, indestructible Genesys skate that has been the flagship model for Razors for the better part of the last decade.

The Razors Genesys Sega Blue skate is an awesome skate that works well for rollerbladers of all skill levels and styles, from the newbies all the way up to the pros.  The Genesys is designed to perform well right out of the box and is great for both the street and park.

This Razor skate features matching GC Featherlite v.2 frame which remains the most popular frame today because of it's light weight design, fast sliding plastic, excellent groove shape and sturdy 8mm axles that only require 1 allen wrench to tighten and undo.  The skates come with Razor liners that offer an articulated ankle shape to hold your ankles in place and a padded tongue to keep things nice and comfortable on your feet.

The Genesys Sega blue is completed with Razors pro team 56mm 90a wheels, ABEC 5 bearings and GC 42mm anti rockers for your grinding needs.

Lastly, for those of you out there putting a beating on your skates everyday, all of the parts are easily replaceable and are readily available.

  • Color way exclusive to Amall

  • Weight of single skate: 4 lbs. (Based on a size 9)

  • Electric blue skate with white highlights and orange accents

  • Razor Genesys Liner White

  • Oversized heel pad

  • Genesys Soul frame

  • Perfectly aligned backslide plate groove

  • GC Featherlite 2 Frames Electric Blue

  • Razor Pro Team 56mm 90a wheels

  • ABEC 5 Bearings

  • 42mm GC anti-rocker wheels with aluminum spacers

  • Made in China

  • Available in full sizes 6-14 & 10.5

Razor Genesys Sega Blue BOOT ONLY

This is the Razors Genesys Sega Blue BOOT ONLY for those of you who want to decide what frames, wheels and bearings you want to put on the boot on to create the skate set up that is just right for your skating style.

This is an exclusive color way to Amall featuring an electric blue boot with white highlights and orange accents!

Genesys Boot Breakdown:
The boots come with Razor liners that offer an articulated ankle shape to hold your ankles in place and a padded tongue to keep things nice and comfortable on your feet.

The Sega boot features an excellent backslide plate area where the backslide plate fits tight fit into the boot providing more control and direct contact in boot tricks. The perfectly grooved XL backslide plate does not require any break-in time and is ready to use right away.

The Genesys boot features fully replaceable parts available in a variety of colors to help you extend the life of your skates and you can bolt on any of the available frames to truly personalize your skates.

  • Exclusive colorway to Amall

  • Weight of single boot: 3 lbs. (Based on a size 9)

  • Electric Blue w/ White Highlights and Orange Accents

  • Razor Genesys Liner White

  • Oversized heel pad

  • Genesys Soul frame

  • Perfectly aligned backslide plate groove

  • Made in China

  • Available in full sizes 6-14 & 10.5

Razor Genesys 'Sega Blues' Liner White

As seen in the limited edition Razors Genesys Sega Blues skates. We have very limited quantities!

Razor's better team liner with low cut, thick tongue and anti-wear tread/grip on the bottom.

  • Low cut

  • Will fit most skates

Razor 'Sega Blues' Cuffs

Razor cuffs as seen on the exclusive Genesys Sega Blues skates. We have very limited quantities of these cuffs, so if you want them, we highly suggest that you do no delay and pick up your set!

Razor skate cuffs are perfect for those of you needing to replace your old Razor cuffs or would like to customize your skates with a different colored cuff. Razor cuffs work on Razor and Remz OS skates and have been know to fit other brands with some modification.

  • Cuffs sold in pairs(2) as shown

  • Cuff bolt's sold separately

Ground Control Featherlite 2 Frame Sega Blue

New Sega Blue Featherlite 2 Frame color as seen on the new exclusive Razor Genesys Sega Blue skates.

After the success of their first Featherlite frame series, Ground Control decided to take the frame to the next level with their new Featherlite v.2 frame which has some subtle but useful changes in its design.

The first useful change is the addition of their locking axle which makes it so that you only need 1 allen wrench to tighten or loosen your axle bolts. Next they added beveled frame edges to the Featherlite 2 to improve its cess sliding abilities. They also reduced the weight even more because aggressive skaters demanded an even lighter frame. The frame's groove was redesigned to be slightly smaller because riders felt the original groove started out slightly too big. Lastily Ground Control decided to include a set of their 42mm nylon anti rockers in every Featherlite 2 frame set so that they are ready to grind on right away.

The Featherlite 2 frame is also available for the first time in size 3 for skate sizes 12-15!

Overall the Ground Control Featherlite II frame is extremely durable, stiff, light weight and provides maximum strength. The FLT frame also incorporates GC's signature symmetrical design, a perfect center groove and a low profile.

  • Featherlite 2 Design (Really Light!)

    Technical Specs:

        - All 8 mm axles
        - Metal rockers
        - Fits 60 mm wheels on outside
        - Fits 55 mm wheels on inside
        - Average weight: 7 oz. (includes hardware)
        - Includes a set of 4 GC 42mm nylon anti rockers

    Size 1 = 6-7 (length = 11 in.)

    Size 2 = 8-11 (length = 11 3/8 in.)

    Size 3 = 12-15  (length = 11 7/8 in.)

  • Frames sold in pairs(2). All necessary hardware included.

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    제가 제네시스 탈퇴한지 꽤 되었습니다!

    제네는 진짜 탈떄마다 이건 아닌데 하면서 또 타다가 작년인가? 아예 마지막남은 아라곤1 없애버림 ㅠ.ㅠ
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    스포츠 양말 + 싱글 레이스 조합으로 ...

    내껄 먼저 신어보던가~ -o-

    G5 라이너 낑궈서 들고 갈텡게~
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    아님 트러스트 2 라이너 나오면 그때 커스텀 해서 사던가~
  • faaeee 2011/08/23 02:39 #


    전에 트러스트 제네시스 셋업 완전 개감동

    그게 진리인듯 ㅠ
  • 코코마 2011/08/23 02:42 #

    그라인드는 SL보다 약간(?) 불편하긴 함. ㅋ

    그 대신 발과의 밀착도는 제네시스+트러스트 쪽이 확실히 우세함!

    * 참! G7.3 이후의 제네시스는 쉘이 딱딱해서... 어떤 느낌일지 모르겠다. -,-;;;
  • faaeee 2011/08/23 02:42 #

    그래도 저 싱글 레이스 구멍 막은 부분에 레이져 각인이 박혀있네요 으엌 폰으로 볼때는 안보였었는데 개념 간지가 좔좔
  • 코코마 2011/08/23 02:43 #


    슬라이딩 하기 시작하면... 하얀 칠이 벗겨지면서 스댕 빛이 나올 듯.
  • faaeee 2011/08/23 02:44 #

    그게 바로 커스텀 더블레이스 입니다!! 타다보면 어느세 끈이 더블레이스!
  • faaeee 2011/08/23 02:45 #

    그런데 이 제품은 쉘재질이나 변경됬다라던지 언급없는거보면 옛 구형 제네시스 (쉘 흐물거리는거 버전) 이지 않을까요?


    아아 역시 질러야 하나 ..

    국내에서는 진짜 레어이긴할듯 (별로 여서 아무도 안사는 레어)
  • 코코마 2011/08/23 02:47 #

    촤이나 공장에서 만들어낸 시점이 G7.3 발매 이후일 것이므로

    요즘 나오는 거는 '딱딱쉘'일 것 같은데... -.-a

    뭐... AM에 문의해보면 알려주겠지만;;
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    사진 상으로도 약간 번쩍거림. ㅎ
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