USD 카본 프리(Carbon Free) EISLER SKATES // 리치 아이슬러(Richie Eisler), 카이저(Kizer) 플루이드(Fluid) 4, RW, AM Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

Kizer Fluid Frame 4, UC USA Pro Wheels 58mm/90A, UC Grindrocks, USD Abec 5 Bearings

Size: 6-13, 10.5 Color: Black

USD Richie Eisler Carbon Free Complete Skate

The new USD Richie Eisler pro model skate is their new carbon free design done up in all black with white stitching. You get the same shape as the carbon skate but instead of carbon fiber the shell is made out of their new plastic formula so that they are able to offer the skate for less money to those that don't really need an all carbon fiber shell.

The USD Richie Eisler skate comes with a cuff like the new Carbon II skates to give you the correct support and flex that you need in a skate. The skate is finished off with the new Kizer Fluid 4 Eisler pro frames, Undercover 58mm 90a Eisler pro wheels, ABEC 5 bearings and new Undercover 43mm anti rockers.

  • Weight of single skate: 3 lbs. 10 oz. (Based on a size 9)

  • Plastic Shell (New formula)

  • Non-removable liner

  • Re-worked tongue for improved fit

  • Anatomically formed insole

  • New soul plate design

  • Kizer Fluid 4 Eisler Pro Frames

  • Undercover Richie Eisler Pro 58mm 90a wheels

  • USD ABEC 5 Bearings

  • Undercover 43mm Anti Rockers

  • Available in Full Sizes 6-12 & 10.5

USD Richie Eisler Carbon Free BOOT ONLY

This is the USD Richie Eisler Carbon Free BOOT ONLY for those of you who want to decide what frames, wheels and bearings you want to put on the boot on to create the skate set up that is just right for your skating style.

You get the same shape as the carbon boot but instead of carbon fiber, the shell is made out of their new plastic formula so that they are able to offer the boot for less money to those that don't really need an all carbon fiber shell.

  • Plastic Shell (New formula)

  • Non-removable liner

  • Re-worked tongue for improved fit

  • Anatomically formed insole

  • USD carbon soul plate design for smoother switchups

  • Available in Full Sizes 6-12 & 10.5

Plastic Shell (New formula) 이라 쓴 걸 봐서는

임페리얼의 하이트렐 소재와도 다른 거 인 듯!?!? -o-a

Kizer FLUID 4 Richie Eisler Pro Frame Black

Kizer decided to make a new Fluid 4 frame for the new Richie Eisler Carbon Free pro skates.

The first thing Kizer changed for the Fluid 4's was to offer it in 3 size lengths instead of 2 like all of their previous models. Next they greatly increased the width of the groove which has been the recent trend for frames because it allows you to comfortably grind on a variety of obstacles.

The Kizer Fluid 4's feature UC 43mm anti rockers and are specifically designed for rollerbladers skating anti rocker set ups. These frames will only fit anti rockers in the center wheel positions and are not for people looking to skate flat set ups.

Kizer has stuck with the Nylon Zytel material because it is one of the most durable, fastest sliding plastics available. The Kizer Fluid 4 frame also features their new sidewall shape from the 2010 and 2011 Fluid frames so that soul grinds slide much faster due to lack of surface contact.

  • Average weight: 10 oz.

  • Small = 5-7 (length = 10 3/4 in.)

  • Medium = 8-9 (length = 11 1/4 in.)

  • Large = 10-15 (length = 11 1/2 in.)

  • Sturdy 8mm axles

  • UC 43mm Anti Rockers Included

  • Max Outer Wheel Size: 60 mm

  • Max Inner Wheel Size: Anti Rockers Only

  • Sold in pairs with frame hardware

  • (Mounting bolts sold separately / Use your existing bolts)

KIZER Fluid 4 Black Eisler Frame

The Kizer Fluid is Kizer's longest running frame. Its continuous success is credited to its simple design, solid yet lightweight construction and its speed and consistency on the grind. For the all-new branding of Kizer in 2011 we decided to focus our attention on perfecting this frame even further. With the grand selection of frames available from Kizer and our project to specialise each one of them it was decided that the Fluid frame would become the ultimate complement for Anti-Rocker setups. An Anti-Rocker setup is arguably the most popular form of blading. The Anti-Rocker wheels in the centre axles help glide tricks into the groove and create protection against slipping out of tricks. Anti-Rocker wheels are made from easy sliding compounds to reduce friction while holding you perfectly in place on the grind.

The Fluid 4 is the only frame designed to enhance all the benefits of Anti-Rocker skating thanks to precision testing with various Anti-Rocker wheels and groove shapes. The groove has also been made a little shallower thanks to rider feedback. Also the wall shape is new, the edges are sloped to give more control at cess slides. Due to popular demand the Kizer Fluid 4 is now also available in 3 sizes, incorporating a brand new Medium sized frame. So here you have it. Kizer's most successful and legendary frame is now more advanced than ever before.

New Fluid 4 frame sizes - Measured from centre of rear wheel bolt to centre of front wheel bolt:

Small - 247mm
Medium - 257mm
Large - 267mm

Max Wheel size = 60mm outside, 57mm inside

플루이드4는 미디움 사이즈도 나오는군요! :D

USD Carbon Free Eisler Skates

The USD Carbon Free Eisler Skates are exactly what their name says.. carbon-free aggressive skates. These new USD skates give you the same mold, style, and look of any other USD Carbon skate but without the carbon fiber mold. Instead, these skates are made of plastic.. actually, the same plastic as the USD Imperial skates.

The backside of the USD Carbon Free Eisler Skates

Just like any other USD Carbon skate, these USD Carbon Free Eisler Skates feature the USD Carbon 2 Cuff. These cuffs feature a v-cut design in the back, so that you get more front-and-back movement from this aggressive skate and a shoe-like feel.

Head on shot of these new USD skates

On the front of this USD Skate, you get the USD Carbon 2 Cuff and also the 45 degree velcro footstrap that runs across the top of the laces on the boot. This design allow you to get a nice fit on your ankle while using the velcro strap to keep your foot locked in place, preventing any heel life.

The souls, anti-rockers, and frames of the skates

USD has done a great job by making the USD Carbon Soul Plates be a perfect fit for these USD Carbon Free Eisler Skates. These souls give you plenty of room for both soul tricks and negative tricks, while being thin and low-profile.

The inside portion of the boot and soulplates

The Undercover anti-rockers and Undercover Team Wheels are perfect for the Kizer Fluid frames that come on this skate. For anyone who likes an anti-rocker setup, this one with be perfect for you right out of the box!

A look up at the spacing of the frames and the souls

As you can see, the anti-rockers and big h-block provide a huge space for grinding in the middle of these skate frames.

Undercover Team Wheels

Undercover Anti-rockers

Kizer Fluid Frames

Usd Carbon Free Eisler

David Hirt gives you the low down on the brand new Usd Carbon Free Eisler skates

카본 프리 쉘은 75% 플라스틱, 25% 유리 섬유(fiber glass)으로 되어 있다고 하네요.

임페리얼보다는 발목이 낮고 쉘도 더 딱딱하다고...

USD Carbon Free – Richie Eisler – Available now!!

The Carbon 2 skate from USD continues to blow up all over the scene as aggressive’s most advanced and best performing skate. The highest of high quality materials also converted the Carbon 2 into the market’s most exclusive boot due to its price.

At USD we decided to develop a new compound that would mimic the Carbon feel at a lower price, allowing more skaters to enjoy the Carbon revolution.

The Carbon Free boot has been designed with a combination of Carbon, Fibreglass and Nylon which has allowed us to create the closest feel to Carbon while enabling us to lower the price and make it available for more people to enjoy this new feeling that everyone is talking about.

The Carbon Free Richie Eisler skate – tried and tested by the man himself – comes with US Poured UC Pro wheels (often considered the world’s best wheels) and the brand new Kizer 4 Fluid frame, making it by far one of the best quality pro boot setups ever released on the aggressive market.

Usd Carbon Free - Richie Eisler

•model: Usd - Carbon Free - Richie Eisler
•souplate: Usd Carbon
•frame: Kizer Fluid IV Pro Richie Eisler
•wheels: Undercover - Pro Richie Eisler 58mm/90a ed.3
•bearings: Abec 7
•grindwheels: Undercover - Grindrock Fluid 47mm - White

One pair of Usd - Carbon Free - Richie Eisler in set.

Usd Carbon Free - Richie Eisler - Boot Only - Setup

•model: Usd - Carbon Free - Richie Eisler
•souplate: Usd Carbon

One pair of USD - Carbon Free - Richie Eisler - Boot Only - Setup in set.

최초에 풀렸던 사진은 아래에...

USD 카본 프리(Carbon Free) Eisler Skates // 리치 아이슬러(Richie Eisler), 카이저(Kizer) 플루이드(Fluid) 4



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    임페리얼의 하이트렐과는 다른 소재인 듯.
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