Dan Ives // 발로(Valo) Pic of the Week, 영국(UK) Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

Dan Ives
Photo: Sam Cooper

Dan Ives - Huck to Backslide Pt.2
With a close and dynamic angle shot I decided to take a step back and get a long shot as well, Dan geared up and laced the huck to Back Backslide with the same fist of furry style that he laced the first with.

Body // Nikon D50
Lens // Nikkor 50mm
Strobe // Canon 540EZ @ 1/8th power, left
Strobe // Canon 540EZ @ 1/32th power, right pointing skywards
Triggers // CyberSync Gear


  • 굴굴굴 2011/08/27 14:43 #

    아아 영쿡판 싱하횽인가열??
  • 코코마 2011/08/27 22:52 #

    왼팔 자세가 특이하시넹.. ㅋ
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