카이저(Kizer) 타입(Type) X 프레임(Frame) Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

You may recognise the latest edition to the Kizer family, the Type X frame. This frame is considered an extreme freestyle frame, ideal for the adventurous bladers out there that never want to find themselves unable to skate an obstacle because of the limitations of their frame. The huge groove allows the skater to confidently attack any shaped obstacle without fear of sticking, thanks also to the well protected front and rear wheels.

The angle of the groove and walls of the Type X frame centre the obstacle you are grinding to match your point of balance and and the indented walls allow for minimum friction and maximum speed.

Kizer – Everyone's Framed



  • faaeee 2011/10/08 01:20 #

    무크는 원래 이랬어야 했다 !


    그런데 재질은 플루이드 재질로...안 바뀌겠죠?
  • faaeee 2011/10/08 01:20 #

    본문에 mook style 하나 나올줄 알았는데 언급이 없ㅋ엉ㅋ
  • 코코마 2011/10/08 01:23 #

    무크 라는 이름을 못 쓰게 했나? -.-a
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