레이저(Razors) SL 드레 파웰(Dre Powell) 2 타는 머다(Murda) Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

COMING SOON: Closer Look – Razors Dre Powell 2 SL Skate

Here is a closer look at the upcoming Razors Dre Powell 2 SL signature skates, as worn by Murda and Dre. Stay tuned for release date info… (Photo source: BHC)

Dre Powell has recently been filming in SoCal with Mark Trebble and the BHC Wheels team for their next video release, tentatively titled ‘End of the Line.’ Be sure you add BHC on Facebook, and check out their exclusive gallery of pics, which includes other team members Eric Perkett and Dominic Sagona. Murda is also wearing a set of the Dre Powell 2 SL skates in this pic, providing more intel towards the speculation that he is back on Razors. And while he is not listed as part of the team on the Razors website, Murda is definitely back on a pair of their skates.

Dre’s profile in the Razors team video Game Theory will have to hold you over until the BHC video is out. You can also check out another sneak peek of the Dre Powell 2 SL skates here.

Side Note: Did you see this post on Mister Murder last week?

손목 상태는 여전히 안 좋아 뵈고

커프는 여전히 렘즈 OS 커프!? ㅋ

오잉!? 머다도 CO 프레임!?!?