커스텀(Custom) USD 카를로스 피아노스키(Carlos Pianowski) 세븐(VII) Skate // Seven, RW Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

Custom USD Carlos Pianowski VII Skate

This is one of the first custom skates that we’ve done with the USD VII Carlos Pianowski Skates, so we were super excited to get this done! For this one, we added some White USD VII Souls, Kizer 2011 Team Fluid Frames, Undercover Demetrious 59/88 Wheels, Moonshine UHMW Anti’s 46mm, and Undercover Abec 7 Bearings

The inside of these Custom USD VII Carlos Pianowski Skates

Looking at the profile of the frame against the souls

A cool shot of the side of the boot, showing you how big the VII Souls are, plenty of room to lock all your tricks.

The same angle on the inside portion

Check out the size of the negative on these VII Souls, negatives all day

Head on shot looking at the strap, laces, and buckle

Gives you a little idea on where the frames sit on the boot.

The V-cut cuffs in the back of the skate

Sweet logo on the back of the cuff.

Looking up at the wheels locked into the frames

Check out all that soul space, and the groove on the Kizer 2011 Team Fluid Frames is freakin huge!

A shot of the back of the skate while someone is wearing them

These skates look so clean.

Sweet side lifestyle shot

Looking down on the skates

Everyone wants to know what a skate would look like if you were looking down on it, well here ya go!

Laced up and ready for action!


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